Tommy Wiseau May NAAAAAAAAAT Have Directed The Room

This is a scandal indeed. Tommy Wiseau, the man who takes all the claim for the craptastic film that is The Room and has turned it from large flop into a cult classic with spoons now has a disgruntled former employee claiming that they, not Tommy, directed the room. FilmDrunk posted the story the other night stating that a Sandy Schklair has stepped forward and claimed he directed the movie.

Schklair was a script doctor on the film and one has to wonder why he still had a job at all after the script was finished but that isn’t the story here. Wiseau apparently according to Schklair asked him to tell the actors what to do as well as decide what shot to use and so on and so forth. Schklair essentially said, “you want me to direct?” and Wiseau came back with “No! I’m the director.” Now this could be just a cry for money since Schklair left the project after a month and now sees that it’s become a cult classic in the eyes of pop culture. We’ll keep you updated.


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