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My Little Frequency: Episode 5

So here it is the final show of February and it’s the fifth one too. How awesome is this. It’s Leap Day and that’s exactly why we get five. And since it’s the end of the month we are doing an Artist Showcase. It’s where we play one artist for the whole two hours and nothing else. That’s it. This month is the National. The National being a band from Ohio formed in 1999.

1. Abel
2. Murder Me Rachael
3. Lit Up
4. Mistaken for Strangers
5. Sorrow
6. John’s Star
7. Squalor Victoria
8. Trophy Wife
9. Looking for Astronauts
10. Think You Can Wait
11. Little Faith
12. Brainy
13. Lemonworld
14. Conversation 16
15. Apartment Story
16. Bloodbuzz Ohio
17. Guest Room
18. Secret Meeting
19. Wasp Nest
20. All the Wine
21. Fake Empire
22. American Mary
23. Son
24. Runaway
25. Val Jester
26. England
27. Start a War
28. Afraid of Everyone
29. Exile Vilify
30. Daughters of the Soho Riots
31. Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks


This Is Awesome Watch It

Major Ass Creed News On the Way

Ubisoft has announced Assassin’s Creed III a few weeks ago but now they have announced major news is on the way. This really isn’t blog worthy but hey it’s Ass Creed. With titles being developed for the Wii U and the PlayStation Vita the news would probably pretain to the setting for the new game. But nonetheless the game is slated to drop this Halloween.

Sherlock to Play the Master on Who For 50th Anniversary?

Recent rumors have sprung up that Sherlock star and new Star Trek villain Benedict Cumberbatch will make an appearance in the next season ofDoctor Who as the Doctor’s nemesis, The Master. Of course show runner Steven Moffat would be pulling out all the stops for the program’s fiftieth year but how true are these rumors?

Well with Moffat being in charge of both Sherlock and Who it seems likely. Also keep in mind before Matt Smith was offered the role of the 11th Doctor Cumberbatch himself was rumored to take on the role but he turned it down, saying he didn’t like the idea of being on lunch boxes and the like. Cumberbatch then took on the role of Sherlock and became an instant celebrity.

Reasons behind why this won’t happen. Cumberbatch is working on the two Hobbit films providing his voice as Smaug the dragon and also apparently a pre-eyeball version of Sauron (yes he leaked that himself). He’s also the baddie in the upcoming Star Trek film but there is also a quote from the Doctor himself, Matt Smith.“I know Ben and I’ve not heard anything about it. But he’s a wonderful actor and a mate, “I think he’s a bit busy being a Star Trek villain, and he’s Sherlock Holmes of course, so he’s a busy man.”

Davy Jones Passes On

Former lead singer of the Monkees and teen heart throb Davy Jones has passed away earlier today. This news is popping all over the blogosphere so I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t already know this when you entered the site. Jones passed away from a heart attack in Florida earlier this morning. The Manchester native was sixty six years old.

The Avengers May Give Batman A Run For His Money

This summer seems to be huge for super hero movies, with The Amazing Spider-Man opening in July and looking pretty good so far, not great but good and the already amazing (most likely) The Dark Knight Rises due in the same month we get a new trailer for what I was really questionable about, Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. Let the trailer speak for itself before I say my biggest complaint.

This movie looks awesome. I love how they are showing the team not working well together, and you know what, what the fuck is that transformer looking thing at the end? It looks kinda shitty but hey great cast, good characters. This should be awesome.

Gotham By Gaslight Video Game Footage Found

This game does look pretty good and the fact that it’s based entirely off of a one shot comic in which Batman hunts down Jack the Ripper I have to say this might have a niche market. It’s a shame that the game got cancelled. But Batman fans have no need to complain with titles like Arkham City just being dropped.