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Avengers Review

For years Marvel has been building up to this very moment. When Iron Man dropped in 2008 there wasn’t much of a guarantee that the film would take off. But it did. Iron Man 2 was announced and then Hulk came out. Captain America was in limbo as was Thor yet here we are in 2012, all of these heroes had a film that lead up to this moment. A lot of people were skeptical how a crew of big name celebrities and individual super heroes could share the screen. It’s one thing to make video games of the Avengers and have it be successful and comics because it is a larger media, comic arcs can drag on for years and a video game, players invest at the least 15 hours in a game like the Avengers would provide.

When the announcement of Joss Whedon being the director it became clear that Disney and Marvel means business. With two solid Iron Man films down and one decent Hulk film out of two and a solid film featuring Thor, one in which we thought would be an awful flop and then a tremendous Captain America film to say the least. Marvel had assembled its elite team and that is how we begin the review for the first summer blockbuster of 2012.

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Death Cab For Cutie Concert Review

So after months of waiting for the tickets to come in the mail, which they didn’t it was time for the concert. We arrived at the Tower Theater before the show and found our seats (they changed teh tickets to will call but didn’t apologize). We had fourth row seats, if you don’t include teh five rows of folding chairs that were in front of us. Here we were, the fourth time I was seeing Death Cab for Cutie and the second time for Brianne. This time they had an eight piece orchestra, Magik Magik Orchestra, supporting them. They had had the orchestra help out on some of the songs on Codes and Keys so it makes sense this time to bring them along, that’s what Ben said.

Mass Effect 3 Review

Five years ago Bioware and the rest of the world embarked on a strange journey unlike any other. Fresh off of two KOTOR games Bioware got to make an original title. A third person shooter with RPG elements set in the distant future, in space gave the company the ability to craft a rich universe in which they could make new races, new civilizations and essentially their own franchise that isn’t controlled by George Lucas. Mass Effect was a test. While Casey Hudson had said they had the story for 3 of them they really were testing the waters with teh first one. Think about it, the ending of the first game could make it a stand alone game ala what A New Hope was like. You took the role of a basic military man, Shepard and were thrust into this unique situation where you made the choices and you controlled most of the events. The characters around you were rich, so when it came time to save Wrex or let him die you had to think instead of just letting your instincts take control. That is what Bioware crafted in the first one.

In Mass Effect 2, they kill Shepard right away and bring him back for what? A run at the collectors which sets up the Reaper threat that we fought off in the first one. With fixed up gameplay and the return of your crew you get deeper into the cast of rich characters and are introduced to a set of new characters. Of course Garrus comes back but he’s deeper and more darker. Liara has personal problems that she needs help with (fucking DLC). We also meet Jack, a biotic with a haunted past, Samara, the asari’s Batman so to speak with problem children, Jacob, a soldier with daddy issues, Miranda, the perfectly engineered female, Grunt, the tank bred Krogran. But who can forget Thane Krios, the drell assassin with a heart of gold and Mordin Solus, the salarian scientist who is seemingly on caffeine pills the whole game. Mass Effect 2 ended on the cliff hanger to set up the third installment, and your choices became paramount for the final installment in Shepard’s story. I say the final installment in Shepard’s story because Hudson said they might continue with the universe. So yeah. And with this Mass Effect 3 review I will do a new set up for the reviews of video games so here we go.

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God Of War IV Is Here?

Well it isn’t God of War IV but God of War: Ascension is here and let’s hope it’s as good as the others…oh wait they have multiplayer…eh like everything else.

Call of Duty: Black Cocks 2 Trailer…Just What We Need

I didn’t watch it but this is not what we need. Activision needs to lay off of the yearly installments of Call of Duty, give it a year or two to settle in. Let Modern Warfare 3 die out and have to let it just go to the wayside and what not. So if you live on a college campus then expect your internet to be gone for a few weeks.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer is Here

This trailer will be attached to the upcoming Avengers release but it’s online now. Looks amazing until they add in the rest of the sound near the end. While TDK was a phenomenal film and monumental in the terms of the super hero genre this one might disappoint. Too many big name actors in the final chapter with so much speculation around it, it just has so many questions. As we can see Nolan fixed up Bane’s voice which is great but who knows how this will fare. See it in July when it drops, I know I will

Hunger Games Review

So I’m a little late. A month late. I saw the movie, I really did, like a few weeks ago. I’m not lying and am sitting here writing a hate article on some pop culture phenomenon that will probably usurp Harry Potter and might give Edward Cullen a run for his money. But here I am. I can say as a 25 year old male with no interest in reading the books that I saw the Hunger Games movie. And I can safely say I enjoyed it. Well as much as I could. The film does a decent job of introducing us to a story of characters and a world strife with angst, but what it doesn’t do is give the viewers a proper introduction to the world, unless you read the book then you know exactly what to expect and it’s almost a flawless film.

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