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Top Ten Names I’d Like To See Attached to Episode VII

A few weeks ago the Disney company bought the rights to Lucasfilm for over four billion dollars. I didn’t write anything or my own opinion about it due to several reasons. One of which being time and the fact that my computer was on the fritz again, I might invest in a nice laptop to use for work and what not and also because I wasn’t sure how to think about it.

I grew up watching the original trilogy. For my tenth birthday my parents got me the 20th anniversary edition on VHS. This was way before DVDs existed. At least once a week I would watch all three films and that is how I destroyed my copies of the films. I loved the films. I remember my dad taking me to see The Phantom Menace when I was 13. Yeah it was cool then but now it’s kinda lame, doesn’t hold up like A New Hope. I remember having to see Attack of the Clones all on my own cause my friends all saw it within the first week of it coming out. I remember taking in Revenge of the Sith with friends because I had been just dumped an it kind of felt right instead.

But now Disney has bought the rights to the greatest franchise and they plan on a new trilogy. I had hoped they would do what they did with Marvel where they bought the company for the profits. They saw that the company would make a killing in the box office and in toy marketing and boom they went for it. Nothing has changed in the Marvel Universe to my knowledge yet that would effect it in any way. But this was different. This is Star Wars. This is a large portion of people’s childhoods. Yes it brings the franchise to a new generation of fans but is that worth seeing the older fans suffer further. But this is out of Lucas’ hands, he’s only a consultant. So maybe this means things will be right. Anyway since they already have Michael Ardnt doing the script I figured I’d compile a list of directors and actors I would love to see. In case you are wondering Ardnt wrote the scripts for Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3. He’s also working on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as well.
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Skyfall Review

James Bond is back and is better than ever. Skyfall is the twenty third film in the series and the third to feature Daniel Craig as the super sexy killer. Throughout the years and the range of actors from Sean Connery to Pierce Bronson we have come to see Bond as a man who can not only kill with his pistols but his hands as well. Not only is he well versed in hand to hand combat but he’s also a very loose man. But we never got to delve too deep into what makes Bond a man, who he really is. All we know is he has a license to kill and woo loose women. So we go to 2006 and Craig’s debut in Casino Royale and we see Bond as more than just the killing machine, he’s a human. Young, cocky, and arrogant.

Bond grew as the first film went by, falling in love with Vesper Lynd, his love for her helped him grow and when she died at the end of the film we saw him go from cocky and arrogant to a vengeful and hateful man, and this is what we saw in the more violent aggressive Quantum of Solace. Where we see the secret organization known as Quantum, which we don’t find out til the end. Of course we find that out later and the film praddled on slightly. And now we see Bond in the latest Skyfall. He’s now more mature, battle worn and well still Bond.

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