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Interpol Hurting For Bassist

Dave Pajo, the recent replacement for Carlos  D on bass for New York’s finest gloomy indie rock band Interpol has decided to leave according to Pitchfork. There were two statements released, as usual, one from Pajo and one from the actual band.

Pajo’s statement reads something along the lines of this: “I’ll be taking a break from touring to focus on family. There are no personal, artistic or health reasons– it’s really as simple as that!” It sounds as if Pajo is not only taking a break from Interpol but also touring in general, as he later goes on to say that “I will continue to record and perform music, with bands as well as solo, I just won’t be touring as much.”

While that may be the case touring does take it’s toll on band members, why do you think Radiohead hasn’t toured in a while. Derr they don’t have to ‘cuz they are Radiohead. Once a band reaches a high status like that they don’t have to. Pajo, you are not a celebrity in a high class well known band like Radiohead you can’t do this kind of stuff. But what did the band say in their release?

“He’s going to be missed to be sure… Aside from being an exceptional musician, Pajo is a wonderful person to be around.” The band has already found a replacement for the bassist and will continue to tour this summer. Interpol’s latest album is the self titled released last year.



Liam Neeson has been throwing himself out into the major motion picture world a lot lately. The reason we can assume is because of the recent passing of his wife. Neeson has starred in Taken, The A-Team, Narnia, Chloe, and now this film. Unknown seems to be a follow up of sorts to Taken but alas it isn’t since well Neeson isn’t the same character and isn’t kicking as much ass as he did in that film. This film is more like the John Doe guy tries to find out who he is type film. Does Neeson seemingly throw his stellar acting career out the window just to remain busy or does he actually do justice to the action thriler genre?

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Academy Awards Post

The Academy Awards wrapped up tonight and it’s time for a boring review of the awards show. The show having been hosted by the attractive young pair James Franco and Anne Hathaway seemingly sounded quite dull from the get go. I had no intention of watching due to my lack of interest in watching these awards shows, figured I’d just catch highlights the day after the show if anything interesting. That’s why the internet exists, so we can get the award winners just seconds after they are announced.  Earlier I posted my predictions on the large awards leaving the small ones out of it because I didn’t feel like covering every award.

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[PODCAST] It’s Here!

The first two podcasts are done. The first edition being all Death Cab For Cutie tracks you should know but don’t because you don’t own all the albums and then likewise for the Decemberists. Don’t feel like going to MixCloud?


Paul is a buddy comedy featuring the loveable duo of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. The film is out in the United Kingdom at the current moment in time so American viewers have to wait a couple of weeks. The film though has not been as advertised as what it is to me. Going into the movie I had this urge to believe it would be child friendly, at least that’s what the American trailers made it believe to be. The truth is it’s a foul mouthed vulgar R-rated romp for the whole family. The film features Seth Rogen as the voice of the alien Paul. Jason Bateman and Kristen Wigg as well as Bill Hader round out the cast. Does Paul stand out as a nerdy buddy comedy or is it just another failure nerd comedy film in a long list of films.

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Proof That Charlie Sheen is Bat Shit Insane of the Day

Do we need anymore proof? Sure he does crazy amounts of liquor and snorts coke off of hookers backs but Charlie Sheen is totally professional…right? Sheen was the star of the hit series (even though it sucks a lot) two and a half men costarring with John Cryer (you know that guy from Pretty In Pink). Sheen’s addictions lead to the show being put on hiatus but the show’s current status is indefinite hiatus. The doors have flooded as Sheen wrote this very letter:

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[CONCERT NEWS] 3 “World Tours” You Won’t See In Philly

So on the heels of their huge Grammy success Canadian indie-Rockers Arcade Fire announced a new tour calling it a “World Tour.” While it’s not really a world tour to say the least the band ignores the east coast of North America and does only a small part of Europe ignoring the rest of the actual world. The Black Keys who had a successful year also announce a world tour that also ignores the east coast  unless you live in Buffalo which is almost part of Canada. TV on the Radio’s latest album (due out soon) warrants a new tour and their tour is so short there is only a Baltimore, New York and Boston shows on the northern east coast that makes it impossible to see. Tour dates after the jump.
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