Monthly Archives: September 2010

It’s the second episode of the TRIFORCE

Here we go second show for the Triforce…and we have a list!

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DAILY LIST: Bizarre Song Titles With Awesome Results

We all know those songs with names that don’t make sense to us at the time but after listening to them we think they totally freaking rock right? Well of course they exist. This is me exposing the truth on some of these more obscure song titles as they sit and wait for you to listen

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Another new installment tonight!

It’s Wednesday and that means one thing…NEW TRIFORCE. That’s right, the three of us have a great set for you tonight including new music from Ben Folds! You can listen here.

MOVIE REVIEW: Get Him To The Greek

Finally I get around to watching what people were saying was one of summer’s best. Let’s just say GHTG is a side splitting comedy that everyone should watch. This film though is interesting as its a semi-sequel to the hilarious Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which features both Jonah Hill and Russell Brand).

This film though follows Aaron Green (Hill) as he is sent by his foul mouthed egotistical boss (Sean Combs) to get Brit rocker Aldous Snow (Brand) to the Greek Theater in LA to perform a 10 year anniversary concert of his last performance there. Yes there is more to it but that’s the main gist of the movie.

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Emo Gods My Chemical Romance Are Back…

About 4 years ago this would be huge news and covered in bold italicized font and the like. It would also be followed with how awesome Gerard Way is and how much I would love to meet these guys and so on and so forth.

But times change…and so do bands and tastes in bands. Back in the day during my emo phase I worshiped the ground these guys walked on. I had all their albums, had a shit ton of their t-shirts and stuff like that. They had saved my life from imminent suicide at one point or so.

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First Triforce Episode Tonight

I’m justĀ  reminding you all that tonight marks the first time the three of us will be in the studio together to put this awesome program together. What will we play? You’ll have to listen to find out. It shouldn’t be that hard. If you miss it maybe, just maybe there will be a link online to download it but only if you are good.

Long Time No See…

I know it’s been a while since the last post, I’ve been incredibly busy so I’m taking the time to unveil an awesome new video trailer for the upcoming Bioshock game Bioshock Infinite.

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