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DAILY LIST: Top Ten Games I’ve Beaten This Year

The year of 2011 is closing up. I’ll make my year end game awards in a few days but tonight I am posting the top video games I’ve finished this year. It’s been a long year and I’ve finished roughly forty plus games on both the Playstation 3 and the PSP. In order to help this list avoid repeats, I am going to bunch together the franchises as that would just make this list a bit clustered so Uncharted you will be an entire series on the list. This game list doesn’t just list the games released in 2011 but games from this generation and previous generations. And this is through 365 days after long days at the internship, then work, then moving, then more work. You see it’s quite impressive to do this all, anyway let’s begin!

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The Dark Knight Rises

Sorry about the lack of posting, we lost internet here for a brief period of time and with the amount of work I have to do for other things there just hasn’t been time to really post at all. So this popped up into my inbox recently and I have to say I’m not as impressed as I was with the Dark Knight’s trailers. There seems to be something more conservative going on in Nolan’s mind to prevent something epic from being shown in the trailer.

Look Bane’s costume is a little redonk and the dialogue seems very Occupy Gotham to me, at least when Catwoman talks to Bruce Wayne but at the same time the eerie singing of the National Anthem in the background with the chants coming in going This Is Our Gotham. It just adds up for a well cut creepy teaser. Not to mention the football scene. I guess we will just wait and see what happens instead of just buying into the hype and what not, just wait and see.

The Top Albums of 2011

So I sat down and rethought this list a week or so after I wrote it up. Some people pointed out that I had missed quite a bit of the music on this years release list so I sat down and thought long and hard about what I missed. I may have spent a few days downloading what I didn’t have and sat there in a room, locked the door, and just listened to music non stop. There were no singles for me, I was that far behind. No list of the top songs that the generic radio friendly tunes would end up charting. There was biased albums on my list, but I didn’t care, they had a special place in my heart. I sat still and worked tirelessly to avoid the ultimate ending. As I prowled through the lists of friends on Facebook trying to find stuff I missed when suddenly I opened my copy of SPIN (which being the cheap ass I was got a free subscription) listed some band called FUCKED UP as album of the year. What the fuck was Fucked Up. But at least I didn’t say this was the number one song of the year…

Now at least that didn’t make the list. Thank god. I don’t know what SPIN was thinking when it called that pop song a number one song of the year. What is worse is the fact that a slew of hip hop and pop made their lists. Oh well I got my list and that’s good enough.

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How Cool is the PS Vita?

The launch of the PlayStation Vita is nearing and it’s going to be hitting Japan soon like a killer tsunami. Oh is it too soon for that. I just realized what I said after I typed it. Well anyways with the Vita dropping soon in Japan with launch titles like a new Uncharted game people are considering what the Vita might be capable of over here. Well the other day it was unveiled that you can stream PS3 titles (select) in stunning 480p (yes that’s a downgrade). But imagine going on a long trip and being able to play Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception just to play it all over again! Wouldn’t that be swell? I’m all for this idea here and it makes me even more wetter for the handheld than I already was until they announced that there was no internal memory for the system and the cheapest memory card (4 gig) will cost you almost 30 plus bucks. Don’t ask how much the largest one will cost you, it’s a bit disgusting.

Sonic Generations Review


The easiest thing I can say about Sega’s semi-ambitious Sonic Generations is it’s the best Sonic game in over a decade. This goes back to Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. Sure the handheld games were solid but Sega kept mixing in the 3-D graphics trying to turn what was an ADD hyper speed hedgehog side scroller into a platformer. Each time Sega seemingly went more and more crazy with their story for their mascot. This time they ditch almost any semblance of a story and make the best Sonic game in years. It’s not hard to say when they turned Sonic into a werewolf a few years ago and then gave him a sword.

Sega crafts a decent game out of a story that isn’t the greatest. Sonic is celebrating his birthday and then all of a sudden a big beast rips all of his friends away forcing Sonic to go to different areas from his past (the levels) and beat them to free the friends. It’s quite simple and it’s not meant to be a deep story like some of our other games. They throw in a younger or the older Sonic in the mix to make the story seem like it transcends time and space.

The very first level is Green Hill. Essentially ripped from the very first Sonic game. This is where you play 2-D Sonic and Sega goes straight into the old formula. Move to the right of the screen, jump and collect rings. I feel young again when I play some of these levels. Then the next level is the same zone as the 3-D Sonic. Things go from a racing look to a side scroller to well a bunch of the different genres Sonic has been through. While I like some of the maps better for the side scrolling others work well in the multi dimensional way.

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No Doctor Who After December 25th For A Whole Year!

So it was recently announced by show runner Steven Moffat that the show will be essentially taking the next year off to prepare for the upcoming 50th anniversary. While this may depress many fans Moffat promises that they are using the extra time to make something super special. So when the Christmas Special airs this month it will be the last time you see Matt Smith and the 11th Doctor for quite some time. It gives others a chance to catch up on all the episodes they just so happened to have missed between Tennant and Smith’s Doctors.

Want to Win A New Copy of El Camino?

You a Black Keys fan? Want to get your hands on a copy of their upcoming album El Camino? We’ve got a digital copy here that we are handing out next week on the air if you qualify for the contest. Tune in to KUR next Thursday night at 10 pm to find out how to get it.