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TRON: Legacy Second Thoughts

I saw this film a few nights back with the girlfriend, for those of you who remember I ranted and raved about how awesome the film was and gave it an absurd score of an 11 on a scale of 10 correct? Well after seeing it again I feel that I am justified in letting the film keep that score. Sure maybe I was blown away by fanboyism or was it the visuals. I don’t know why I feel the urge and need to justify my personal feelings and why they are that way to the readers here, but for those of you who say I only liked it for the visuals then most likely you did the same for James Cameron’s AVATAR. I admit the story was not 100% coherent in the film but it works because it doesn’t take itself so seriously like the first on did as well. The film is well done and I guess critics just don’t get the power of Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn

That means the rating stays.


DAILY LIST: Most Overplayed and Annoying Alt. Songs

You listen to the radio and you know a certain song is bound to come on like virtually every single hour. Granted some of these songs are actually good and well great, but at the same time they are so annoying when heard every single god damn hour. You know you just want to reach into the car stereo and beat the shit out of the DJ. But then again if you listen to pop radio stations then that’s your own damn fault….

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A Dream Is Shattered

Today CNN reported news that one of the most attractive people in Hollywood is officially off the market. It breaks not only this bloggers heart but I’m sure countless others who used the actress as a “gateway” into puberty. The actress in question is none other than Golden Glob nominee and Black Swan star Natalie Portman.

It’s not only that Portman is now engaged but she is also ready for the shocker, pregnant, that’s right, the soon to be twenty nineĀ  year old is pregnant and engaged. Portman is engaged to the thirty three year old choreographer for her film. The lucky man? Frenchmen Benjamin Millepied.

dreams for millions are shattered, last time you'll see this

No date for either the wedding or the child has been revealed. But nerds everywhere are crying. Portman played Padme Amidala in the new Star Wars Trilogy as well the lead role in V For Vendetta. Portman will be the love interest of Thor in Thor this may as well as in the pot heavy Your Highness both due out this summer.


The Fighter is a film that is loosely based off of the true underdog story of Massachusetts born boxer Micky Ward. The film follows Ward as he goes through his career as a boxer. The film deals with little depth though it serves as a powerful underdog story. The film is entertaining as it is good. The film serves as a well done underdog story, and the writing just reaches out to you as does the compelling acting.

But let this be known Hollywood does have a tendency to “Hollywood-ize” true stories and make it so that they can sell more tickets to their films. Although like with the story behind Cinderella Man very few people know the exact truth behind it. My friend Andy being a boxing aficionado knew the plot of the film better than it seems the director and screenwriters did as he pointed out flaws in the story throughout the film

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Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol Review (Spoilers AHOY!)

It’s that time of year when the BBC taunts us, titillates us with a brand new Doctor Who adventure only to leave us out in the cold for four more months. The Doctor finally returns after being gone for almost six months to start back up again for one night. Christmas for theĀ  past few years has meant one thing, a Doctor Who special. Last year we saw David Tennant as he prepared his leave in the two parter The End of Time. The prior holiday special saw the Cybermen return in a special called The Next Doctor, which made fans wonder if the Doctor was going to regenerate or not. Going further back Voyage of the Damned which costarred Kylie Monogue was a rather intense episode that took place on the space Titantic. But we go one more season farther back and we meet Donna Noble in the Runaway Bride in which we see the Doctor’s malicious side. But the tradition started in 2005 with The Christmas Invasion which sparked the first official appearance of Tennant.
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DAILY LIST: The Best Of Doctor Who Since 2005 Reboot

What a fun day this is shaping up to be. Third list of the day and this time it’s in honor of the good Doctor who always seems to come forward on the holiday and make things bright. This year though for the first time ever the Doctor airs on X-Mas here, stateside. For those interested it’s on at 9 PM eastern and on BBC America. There will be a review of the episode at some point tonight, hopefully I can watch it, stupid greedy family might prevent me so the review might come later. Anywhoos the series came back in 2005 after a brief absence but it returned with a bang and here is a list of the best of the best episodes from the previous five seasons. A little note, multi part episodes are going to count as one so I feel like I need to point that out now…

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DAILY LIST: The Best Of Jeff Bridges

I love me some Jeff Bridges. He is one helluva actor. Great talent at conveying all different kinds of emotion. Can sing pretty good too. He’s had a helluva run too in the cinema with roles ranging from Kevin Flynn to Rooster Cogburn. It wasn’t until last year when the Academy finally awarded him the award he so deserved from the very start. Join me as I count down the very best of America’s Treasure…Jeff Bridges.

Now I’m going to point out that while I am not well versed in every single film this man has done this is a comprehensive list that contains his modern films dating back into the beginning of the past few years. This list may not be agreeable to some and while I admit some films did get left off, it was not in spite of anyone.

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