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Am I That Out of the Comic Book Loop?

Okay, so a few months ago it was announced that the Uncanny X-Men comic book was reaching the end of it’s run at issue 544 or something like that. So recently in the Marvel-verse, all Mutants lost their powers. Then got a new mutant born named Hope, who looks like Jean Grey. She goes time hopping with Cable, then comes back as a teen and is now finding new mutants. Okay I got that. Magneto is good now. Okay got that too. But that’s about where I stopped. Oh did I mention Shadowcat came back after Joss Whedon sent her into space. Not even Whedon’s comic stuff is safe without being retconned.

Well it turns out that there was an event called Schism. Yes. Cyclops versus Wolverine. The entire X-Men universe was split into sides. And now we get this. The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, formed by…yes, I’m not gonna kid, Wolverine. Yep. The loner now runs a school. So make sure you pick up a copy of Wolverine and The X-Men on stands soon I guess, not sure for how long.


Radiohead on Colbert

So last night Radiohead continued what was Radiohead week in New York following up on their Saturday Night Live performance they appeared on the Colbert Report. Colbert quizzed them and what not as usual for a bit and seemingly mocked the band’s personal choices (ditching the corporate stuff for instance) and then they played a few songs. While most of the songs were online (because Colbert can put them online due to time constraints) they did sound really good which makes me terribly upset that I am not seeing them either tomorrow or Thursday night in New York. Although the tickets did sell out in a heartbeat.

New TV Night

It’s Thursday night and it means comedy night. Last week FX brought Archer  and It’s Always Sunny back, of which i still haven’t caught yet cause I have been so busy. NBC brought back three of their staples, Community, Parks and Rec, The Office. The first show was great, Community came back and it felt like it didn’t miss a single beat, I loved the Doctor Who reference in there with Inspector TimeSpace. The appearance of John Goodman was also quite pleasant. Meanwhile Parks and Rec was okay. I was never huge into the program and I watch the whole damn thing this summer and I loved Ron Swanson but other than that the show is quite mediocre at times. Since this was a n episode without much of Ron it was lacking in the great stuff. The Office though went and moved on without Carell. The new guy, James Spader, seems more like a minor recurring character and watching Andy get the promotion just irritates me, but I can see why. He’s the most like Michael Scott, and he’s also now the biggest star on the show. Well we’ll see if Sunny and Archer can finish the night with some good stuff

The Nightwatch Returns Tonight

I know, it’s pretty damn exciting but the Nightwatch returns to KUR after a few year absence, you know since we went into Kyle And Tim and then the Triforce but it’s back, and it’s here for a limited time only. One thing though is I plan on bringing back some staples from the other shows, such as the contests, the segments, all the fun stuff you loved about the other shows just under a new name.

Speaking of contests we got one tonight that you can qualify for. We are handing out a free copy of the latest Blink 182 album, “Neighborhoods” and it drops next week. So tune in tonight to find out how to enter and then tune in next week for your chance to win during our all blink show!

The New Florida Marlins Logo Is Very Very Lame

I know I don’t post much about sports but one thing I should mention is how the Florida Marlins, winners of 2 World Series Championships since their inception in 1993 are moving or more so being renamed. Yep. Florida doesn’t give a shit about baseball, just look at the attendance of both the Marlins and the Tampa Bay [Devil] Rays. They may field good teams (see the Rays from 2008 on) but no one cares. Thinking about it the demographic in Florida is tourists and old people. So building baseball teams down there in a state that is more about college football than any other sport is kind of daft. Well the Marlins are now the Miami Marlins, and their logo is very disturbing, I for one liked the Florida Marlins color scheme but am not a fan of the Miami Marlins at all.

Daniel Radcliffe Now Has a Bounty on His Head…


In this clip from the blu ray release of the final (thank god) Harry Potter film we see Radcliffe trying to logically say that Potter is betting than both Star Wars and Star Trek simply because the characters are deeper and they are engrained in a generation all thanks to the fact that they were books first. What Mr. Radcliffe fails to see is that just because both of the other sci-fi franchises he has openly mocked started as TV or film they spawned off way more side projects (novels, comics, etc…) than the Potter franchise technically could. Next time you are saying something for one’s own feelings do research. Although I am about 99% sure that’s Rowling there with him and he was paid to say it.

The End of an Era

After thirty one years of working together and putting out fifteen studio albums including one this year the alternative rock group REM decides to call it quits. There is no reason yet as to why they broke up but this was posted on their website

To our Fans and Friends: As R.E.M., and as lifelong friends and co-conspirators, we have decided to call it a day as a band. We walk away with a great sense of gratitude, of finality, and of astonishment at all we have accomplished. To anyone who ever felt touched by our music, our deepest thanks for listening.

Lead singer Michael Stipe posted on his own personal Tumblr: THANKS PETER, MIKE, BILL, BERTIS AND EVERYONE WHO WAS EVER THERE, WHAT AN ADVENTURE!!!  XXX MICHAEL.”