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Well it looks like it’s actually happening. For one episode only all the genders of the main characters of Cartoon Networks slamming hit show Adventure Time will be switched. No more Princess Bubblegum instead we get Prince Gumball. The Ice King is now the Ice Queen. You get it right? The episode premiers September 5th.


Stephen Moffat Is An Evil Genius

Here it is, another fresh from Comic-Con post, the trailer for the second half of the ultimate awesome Doctor Who season. It looks like it’s going to be awesome and something Moffat dreamed up while having a wet dream. Needless to say the fact that the Doctor insults the viewer at the end is totally awesome.

David Tennant Is Super Hot…In Fright Night

Here’s an extended peak at the upcoming film in which Tennant happens to star in. This scene is all about him so that makes it awesome. He apparently sounds just like he did as The Doctor (keep in mind different accents, he’s Scotish, so it’s not that accent).

The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra Teaser Is Here

So it’s here. Comic-Con in San Diego showed us that Avatar can come back and not suck like M. Night thinks. Here is the awesome looking teaser for the upcoming mini-series. I highly doubt Nickelodeon would let it be nothing but a mini series. Note how awesome the animation looks, still has that Asian influence but notice the differences in the environments.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Review

So here it is. The end of the line. After a long decade the Harry Potter series comes to a close. After it’s seven books sold a large amount of copies and the films making over a billion dollars overall it all ends. I’m sure if anyone is terribly upset it’s Warner Brothers. They can’t find another way to whore out the series but I’m sure at the same time the cast of the films are glad that it’s all finally over. But does the final film do justice to the franchise? Is it a swan song for the series or does it go out with a huge bang and whimper?

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The End of an Era

Today marked not only the end of an era but a landmark for a generation struggling to find it’s identity. The early college students and high schoolers flocked to cinemas across the country late last night to get one last glimpse at the Boy Who Lived in what promised to be the “film of a generation” or something like that from the trailers. It’s been well over a decade since the Harry Potter franchise graced the screens adapting the first book into what seemed to be a child friendly series. But alas it turned out to be not so.

The series which began in 1997 as a simple novel about a boy placed in extraordinary circumstances soon became a pop culture hit and a mere four years later would soon have each book developed into a feature film. Many of the youthful fans that attended the film were tiny children when The Sorcerer’s Stone came out over a decade ago. I for one was 14 years old and slowly growing out of the whole Potter phase. The story now wraps up a whole decade later in the form of splitting the finale into a two part movie.

The Pottheads set a record for the midnight showing bringing in over 40 million dollars shattering the previous holder’s record, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (who took it from a more deserving title). The fact remains that after just one day the film that has seemingly touched a generation and even bridged together a few is finally ending. It is with heavy heart that we say good bye to Harry, Ron and Hermoine and look for new heroes that present a positive role model for our children of tomorrow.

And Steve Carell’s Replacement Is…

Well maybe. The actor and one of the producers (the dreaded Toby) has let slip that James Spader will be joining the cast. His character interviewed for the spot that Carell’s Michael Scott was vacating but was very overpowering. With Kathy Bates leaving the show to work on her other show it leaves room for Spader’s character who got hired to replace Michael to quickly work his way up to the top in a matter of hours to replace Bates’ CEO.