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Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron Review

A few years ago the same group of programmers unleashed what many had hoped would be the first decent Transformers game essentially ever. War for Cybertron played well. It actually was a quality game. The story flowed nicely and the thing that made it really nice was each chapter you were given 3 Transformers to play as that you can choose. Add in the co-op campaign, sadly online only and you had a solid game. Now it’s 2012 and the follow up The Fall of Cybertron is now in stores. The game is a direct follow up to the previous game which means big things are in store for the Transformers. So how does the game stack up in comparison to the previous entry? There’s only one way to find out.

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The Hobbit Actually Looks Good

After Peter Jackson announced that he was going to turn one Tolkien book into two movies I was a little miffed. Was it a money making scheme or just a way to tell the entire story accurately? Who knows needless to say I didn’t enjoy the novel as much as some but it was better than other books out there. When they announced that Jackson had shot enough for three movies I laughed. Of course, he wants to be like George Lucas. I had no interest in seeing this film at all, honestly, the teasers and the rest of the stuff I had seen had no interest. Now this trailer actually makes me kind of or most likely want to see it. See I have my interest from mildly interested to interested enough to see it a few weeks after it’s out!

Dead Island Riptide Trailer…

Look now I’m not saying this game is gonna be awful or boring or lame, I just think this time I will wait til the price drops drastically. The first Dead Island game was great, well I got pretty far before the old PS3 died then had to buy a new one but still, if it’s like the first one then you’re in for a large amount of fetch quests with next to no weaponry and well just a shit ton of needy people. That said the sequels teaser looks just as good as the first teaser for the first one, well maybe not as close.

Ben Folds Five Returns After 13 Year Hiatus

Ben Folds Five reunited recently for a tour which then turned into a new record which has turned into yet another tour. The new album The Sound of the Life of the Mind drops tomorrow and I have to say it’s pretty damn amazing, already its in the running for my record of the year mixing in the pop sounds that Folds perfected in both his solo career and with the band with a side of the heavier more intense sounds. But if you don’t believe me check out the music video for the lead single, “Do It Anyway” which features Rob Corrdry and Anna Kendrick as well as a slew of puppety goodness.

This is my favorite figurine on the Citadel…

Well Japan has done it, an anime version of Liara from Mass Effect in figurine form. You can order it here for sixty bucks.

Wii U Price and Launch Date Announced

For those of you who were madly in love with the Nintendo Wii and have been sitting around anticipating the day Nintendo knocks both Sony and Microsoft down a few pegs can now jump for joy. Nintendo announced that their latest system, the Wii U, will launch November 18th for a nice 299 American dollars. While the launch price isn’t bad, seeing as the PS3 might still cost that, the Wii U might not truly be next gen but more so this gen.

The date is perfect, right before the holiday season and Black Friday. Get yours asap if you planned on it.

Morgan Freeman Narrates Fifty Shades of Gay

Alright fair enough it’s not really Morgan Freeman but the dude from Family Guy who does Freeman’s voice. Nevertheless hilarity ensues.