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One Great Casting and One Meh Casting From Last Week

It’s been a hectic week for me or more so few weeks but I am finally here to voice my honest opinion. Last Thursday night the news broke that the Batman/Bruce Wayne from the upcoming Man of Steel sequel was announced. Actor, writer, producer and director extraordinaire Ben Affleck was cast to be the new Dark Knight. My first thought process was this is going to end poorly but then I thought about it. This is either going to look like a genius decision or a train wreck. My guess is still train wreck but thinking on it and voicing my opinion to the internet is my god given right.

Why it could go good or even great is simple, Affleck isn’t a terrible actor and he has done some good roles of late to show this off but it’ll be hard to wash away the filth he’s been in but the fact is all his super huge projects have been pure garbage of late. Affleck is not a bad actor when it comes to not being the lead either at times he can be flat but can he really pull off the Batman? Several huge Hollywood big shots seem to think so and I haven’t heard anything negative from Christopher Nolan who is of course super producing. That’s another positive thought is that Nolan is producing and Nolan doesn’t usually cast wrong. Affleck is a huge fan of Batman and comics in general (Daredevil wasn’t all his fault after all) and he is good buds with Kevin Smith so if he fucks this one up be sure to know he’ll hear it.

Affleck is a bad choice because he is a super mainstream Hollywood star. He’s expensive meaning he’ll take money out of the budget for other things. This could make the movie look cheaper and more camp. Now on top of it let’s be honest here, it is a Batman vs Superman movie so my expectations are low and while I don’t have a legit beef against Affleck I don’t like the casting as a Batman fan…

Now a casting I absolutely love. Bryan Cranston has unofficially been cast as Lex Luthor. I say unofficially since I haven’t seen any sources or anything other than Tumblr and Wikipedia but it makes sense. Cranston’s two most well known roles are as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle and Walter “Heisenberg” White in AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad. And with BB ending in a few weeks and Walter White being a seemingly similar character to Luthor it makes sense. Too bad it’s a Batman vs Superman movie…eh


Introducing the 12th Doctor…Peter Capaldi

Well it looks like for the second time in as many times that the bookies pretty much called it right before the announcement. I had posted earlier in the week that Capaldi was the favorite to jump into the TARDIS and travel across all of time and space. So when his name was called on Sunday it was not much of a surprise. Capaldi is a terrific actor, he’s been in British telly and film for over 20 years so it’s more like a safe choice. While I haven’t seen Capaldi that much what I have seen is a capable actor who knows his craft. And if what I hear is true he’s a lifelong fan of the programme. Now the big concerns I have of course is the age, Capaldi is going to be on the wrong side of fifty when the Christmas special airs, so who knows how long he will last as the titular time lord, plus on top of that the reason why the age is a huge concern is because according to both Matt Smith and David Tennant it’s a very demanding role, but we shall see. I am expecting a return of the Valeyard at some point in the next few seasons.

12th Doctor To Be Announced Sunday

Who will be jumping into the TARDIS as the 12th incarnation of our favorite time traveler? Well according to sources the BBC will be airing a very special program this Sunday at around 7 pm over there which translates to 2 pm over here. First off that pisses me off seeing as I am going to be working at this time but I guess I’ll have to take a potty break after 3 just to find out who it is. I am giddy with excitement but right now the bookies have the clear favorite being Peter Capaldi. For those of you who watch the British telly you might recognize Capaldi from a cameo in Torchwood as well as the Doctor Who serial “The Fires of Pompeii.” But others might recognize Capaldi as the father of Sid Jenkins in the first two seasons of the UK hit Skins. Yeah I don’t like that but hey anything can happen, my fingers are still crossed hoping for Damien Molony, he’s a logical choice in more ways than one.