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Death Cab For Cutie Plan Live Music Video

By now you have heard the latest single off of the upcoming Codes and Keys album from Seattle Indie rockers Death Cab For Cutie. Yeah sure the song isn’t classic DCFC for most of the tune but you know what, it’s still good. Anyways. The band has announced a crazy idea that just might work. A live music video. No it’s not like the video is just shots of them playing live recorded with the song track dubbed underneath but they are actually gonna make the video live.  The song clip will be aired at the same time it’s being filmed. Freaking awesome genius! The live, scripted, single-take video will be aired a week from today, April 5, at 7 p.m. EST at


Warner Bros. Are the Most Retarded Film Company Around

It’s kind of sort of news. Not really sure how or why it’s important. A Justice League movie is on the way in 2013. But how is that possible! Batman is set in a universe right now that doesn’t allow a JL to occur. Superman is being rebooted right now, okay that might work. Green Lantern is coming out this summer. Alright fair enough. Wonder Woman is just a meager television series. Not good. So this news makes little sense. Word on the street is this. Batman gets a very quick and probably depressingly sucky reboot almost immediately after Nolan is finished with The Dark Knight Rises. Essentially erasing all the awesome Nolan set out and did. Of course on the reboot Nolan, aka the God of DC at this moment will be producing.

Let me explain why this won’t work. Superman won’t be a hit (Zach Snyder sucks at directing in most cases), Wonder Woman will get canned after a season, the Batman reboot won’t be done or be as good, and Green Lantern BAH! Ryan Reynolds probably would rather be Deadpool. A JL movie won’t happen for at least another ten years, that would give WB and DC time to move around their heroic franchises and set this up much like Marvel did with Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and the Cap. See it can work.


YES IT FUCKING IS! THE NINTENDO 3DS IS HERE AND IT’S THE GREATEST PIECE OF MACHINERY EVER MADE. Well not really. Sure the system has it’s flaws, including a very very laughable battery life but it still is a Nintendo system meaning its top quality. Which explains why the 3DS has the highest sales total in one day in the history of handhelds. Yep. It just did that. But then again when you look at the history of handhelds you’ll see it’s not that impressive. Nintendo reps have no released any numbers other than it’s the highest in history. I would say for good reason but I won’t.


Pixar Is Older Than Me: 25th Anniverary

Back in 1979 a small company was founded called Graphics Group. Well I wouldn’t be so sure to call them small because I highly doubt they were. It just felt like a nice place to start this piece. Well how can you be small when you are part of the computer division of LucasArts. LucasArts being the company run by the great almighty and powerful wizard George Lucas? Yet seven years later Steve Jobs, you know that guy, acquired the company. Jobs is the co founder of Apple, but also the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and soon to be iEarth maker too. Well that’s when they changed from their dull and boring name to Pixar.

Essentially the rest is history. With Toy Story being a minor success for Disney and Pixar the next film in that series was bound to be straight to VHS. Of course arguments abound led to it being theatrically released. Of course during the 25 years of Pixar’s existence the company has made 12 theatrical films and countless shorts. Winning awards for films like Up, Finding Nemo and Wall-E. They opened up their 20th anniversary with the release of Cars and will follow up their 25th with the release of Cars 2 due out in June.

Get It While It’s Still There: TR3N TEARSER 2

Yeah I think it’s happening

Hear Death Cab’s Newest Single Here

Death Cab for Cutie’s latest album Codes and Keys drops in almost 2 months and a subsequent tour will follow. The band has announced that it will not be a guitar album. So that means what? Not so sure exactly. But the first single “You Are a Tourist” is set to be released on the 29th for those who preordered the album (that’s me) people are wondering what is it going to sound like. Well a Seattle radio station (go figure) has played the song and now it’s all over the internet. The song though doesn’t sound like you would expect from the band. You know what, listen to it yourself and decide.

[DAILY LIST] Superior Game Sequels

I thought about it. Video games get lots of sequels. Some are actually better than the original. With the three anticipated titles for me this year all being sequels it got me to thinking what sequels are actually better than the original. At the same time though what if the previous installment in the series wasn’t that bad, but what if the game didn’t make leaps and bounds improvements but still was better? Does that get included in the list? I didn’t think too far when I made this list but here we go.

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