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Super Movie Review

As you can tell I have been a tad bit too busy to do an insane amount of blog posts which if you ask me is a crying shame so now I will give you all a quick run down of several of this years huge films that I have managed to find time for that aren’t X-Men.  Let’s being shall we?

The LEGO Movie
The first film to be relased this year that I had seen and it set things up for a good year. Amazing animation mixed in with hilarious adult oriented jokes make this a very family friendly flick that has something for the whole family. While the film does feature a more male centric plot and ending and overall but the quirky cast of characters is brought to life by a very talented animation team and voice actors. Will Arnett steals the show as Batman and it makes you want more of him in the future and even in the LEGO Batman games. 9/10

Mr. Peabody and Sherman
Another family film that doesn’t quite live up to the high standards set by the LEGO film but still is a solid family film. With a large underrated voice cast this classic throwback film teaches about getting along with others as well as a giant lesson about history. The computer animations have their own style and even though most of the children won’t know who these characters are, chances are that grammy or granpa or mommy and daddy do. It’s a fun romp for the family and at the same time rather informative. 7/10

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Wes Anderson’s highly anticipated film is a slight stray from his previous efforts and while that might scare off the faithful it is a welcome change. Anderson’s style is all over the film from the colorful sets to the wide cast of characters and his trademark dialogue choices. Ralph Fiennes shines in the lead this time and clearly steals the show from any actor. While a tad more violent than any of his other works it’s all comical and enjoyable. Adrian Brody and Wilem Dafoe are quite entertaining as a pair of Germans who get upset over Fiennes stealing a work of art left to him in a will. A must see for any fan of film as well as a possible Best Picture Nominee. 10/10

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Picking up after The Avengers we see the Cap settling back into the life of modern America. While this title of the film seems to lead comic fans into thinking that this might go into the Death of Captain America arc let me point out that it doesn’t. The high octane action takes front and center stage in this amazing sequel. Explosions abound, stand out performances from Chris Evans as well as Scarlett Johanson (they make a convincing couple) make the Cap’s second go around a must see summer flick. Samuel L Jackson has a much larger role and he takes advantage of it. In a departure of choice Robert Redford turns in an interesting character that leaves you scratching your head. Amazing effects and a solid script mixed with a shocking end make you want the next big Marvel film. 9.5/10

Based off of the book of the same name the film misses almost all the marks. Yeah sure the film has the majority of the main characters and is mostly faithful to the book but it leaves out quite a bit of important plot points. You don’t sacrifice character development and main plot points for what? Filler? Theo James leaves a lot to be desired as Four, it’s like he is channeling his inner Kristen Stewart and Shailene Woodley is solid if not passable as the lead role. Divergent does just that diverges from the actual book and leaves fans questioning how the follow up Insurgent will be done. 4.5/10

While many would assume this film would be a flop because that’s what people would expect we get the exact opposite. While not the best film of the year Godzilla stays true to the franchises roots and delivers a popcorn flick worth watching. The effects are breathtaking and the human performances leave a little to be desired. What this film needs is more Bryan Cranston, that man can do no wrong. 7.7/10


X-Men Days of Future Past Review

The X-Men film franchise has indeed seen a combination of both ups and downs through the almost 15 years since the release of the first film. With a wide array of characters at their disposal Fox has churned out some solid and not quite solid titles that you would expect to see. With three of the four big main titles being directed by Bryan Singer and a pair directed by Brett Ratner and Matthew Vaughn we get an interesting picture on Marvel Comics most bizarre characters.

Days of Future Past is a sequel to both Vaughn’s tremendously impressive X-Men First Class as well as Singer’s X1 and X2 as well as Ratner’s turd that is X3. If we were to look at these films chronologically we would go First Class, Days of Future Past, X1, X2, X3 for those of you keeping score at home. But the question does beg to be answered is does Singer’s return mark a continuing climb upwards towards the top of the super hero heap or does it flop in the water like Namor the Submariner if he were to have his arms chopped off?

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