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ALBUM REVIEW: My Chemical Romance: Danger Days…

The other day I received an early copy of the latest album from Jersey’s own My Chemical Romance. Those of you who know me know that I used to be a huge fan of the band. They were my favorite. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love used to be my favorite album and I would hold the fact that I loved MCR prior to their mainstream success was annoying as balls. When they disbanded back in 2007 I was heartbroken but I moved on.

So in 2010 they announce that they are making a new album and it’s slated to be put out in November. Their first single, Na Na Na Na, debuted on Radio 104.5, they put out two more singles before the album dropped. That’s the starting point.

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Episode VIIII: Andy Free

Andy had homework and stuff. What a shame. So me and Tim had to fill out the empty holes that were left. Maybe I had a lot of caffeine and totally forgot what was going on in my mind and stuff.

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Ben Folds Concert Review

Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, it’s a seedy place. Very dark and gangsta. It’s a scary place for a “hipster” and anyone else who isn’t adjusted to a place like this. This is the place where one of the most whitest musician’s out there. Entering the venue, The Tower Theater, one could  notice the distinct variety in the audience. There were senior citizens, there were hipsters, there was preppy people, there was teenagers. Ben Folds has  a way of reaching out to all these different demographics and bring them all together in the most dangerous town in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Folds came with an opening act, California’s own Lady Danville. This came as a surprise to see Danville play again after seeing them open for Jack’s Mannequin back in April. The group came out almost dressed in the same way they were last time (if that’s the case then ew). The three piece pop group came out and performed a handful of songs including some new material. They even did “I Want You Back” which had the audience laughing.

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Episode VIII: The Tim Free Show

Bloody Tim decided that he had better things to do so me and Andy dominated the radiowaves and oh boy was it fun as all hell to sit there and do this with just him. Take that Tim. Next time you should think twice about being a fag and leaving.

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I can’t answer you that. A few weeks back they debuted their first single off their upcoming album to Philly’s own RADIO 104.5. The track was called “Na Na Na” and as someone who used to listen to the band and began to dislike them i was shocked that they even decided to make a new album. The first single as mentioned was not terrible. It had a different feel to it. More like an indie rock-ish feel. This was impossible. There is no way a My Chemical Romance song could maintain an indie rock feel.

Now they just put on a new single today entitled Sing. It sounds well, not like your usual MCR song would sound. This is a scary though simply because it’s MCR. They are like super emo. Am I going emo because I like their new stuff? Or is it simply a change for them and it’s ok?

Who knows, Danger Days: the True Lives of the Fabulous Kill Joys drops on the 22nd of the month, maybe I’ll have to try it….

Ben Folds Concert!

This Saturday I am seeing the one and only Benjamin Folds in Upper Darby, PA at the Tower Theater. So I will be posting a review next week pertaining to the show itself.

MOVIE REVIEW: The Social Network

David Fincher has done it again. Once more this director takes an already existing story (this time non-fiction) and turns it into a glorious piece of cinema. while the film focuses mainly on Zuckerberg and his quest for inventing the Facebook it does a good job focusing on the other characters involved in the process.

The script written by Aaron Sorkin is splendid. The dialogue is excellent. The Harvard students speak like they are students at the school, stuck up and snooty. The talk about all the tech stuff also is very well done and over the top. Although one can question the accuracy of the film itself, as did all of this really happen, or was there some added and taken out for dramatic effect?

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