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MOVIE REVIEW: The Other Guys

Alright, I have two more reviews to put out there. This is the All-Star comedy entitled The Other Guys. The cast is all knowing and all powerful (not really but still). The Other Guys is quite simply a hilarious romp of a movie. Every bit of it has great potential to be one of the funniest movies of the summer…scratch that it was (weak summer eh?).

The Other Guys follows two cops (Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg) as they try to solve a mystery. There really isn’t much to the plot here. Two All-Star Cops (Dewyane Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson) are killed on duty (a scene of which is pretty damn funny). Wahlberg is insistent upon Ferrell that they take up the job that the two All-Stars left behind. As Ferrell and Wahlberg discover the depths of the corruption and evil stuff the more bad things happen to them.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Karate Kid (2010)

I’m continuing my summer movie reviews, yeah, I’m running out of movies because there wasn’t many for me to see. So what did i do, I sat through the Karate Kid.  The Karate Kid is almost a shot for shot remake of the original from way back in the early 1980’s. This time it stars Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. The Karate Kid is almost a shot for shot remake of the original. The story is a tad bit darker as it starts off with the mother of Jaden Smith’s character Dre being relocated to China from Detroit cause she worked in the auto industry. Dre is bullied much like Daniel-san in the first one. He meets Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) and the rest is just almost as accurate as the original.

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How many years has it been since we had seen the classic characters, Buzz Lightyear and Woody on the big screen? 11 years right? Yeah. Disney and Pixar team up to make the third [and maybe not the final chapter] in the Toy Story Saga.

Toy Story 3 picks up after the end of Toy Story 2 but 11 years later. Andy is grown up and moving to college. He has to get rid of his toys. They prepare to move to the attic but through some poor communication they are thrown out. Buzz and Jessie decide they should to go daycare (Sunnyside). Woody is totally against this and is trying to convince them otherwise. Upon entering Sunnyside all things go to hell. Buzz and the gang are placed in the youngest group of kids who abuse the ever loving s#%^ out of toys. Buzz notices the corruption in the toys.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Expendables

Ah, the 1980’s, it was a time for music that was heavy on the synthesizers and action movies. Yes the ’80’s was full of action movies. Stars like Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwartzenagger, Jean Claude Van Damme, etc… all made their careers as action stars. Films like Die Hard, Rambo, The Terminator were impressive action films that worked well and had the formula tried and true. Well the ’90’s came and Tim Burton, according to Stallone ruined the action film with Batman. So what does Stallone do, he makes The Expendables

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Inception is the smartest movie to be released in theaters in so long. Lots of Hollywood insiders before the release were quoted as saying something like this, “Inception’s biggest problem is that it’s going to be too smart for most viewers.” While that may be true that doesn’t stop writer/director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Memento) from putting his dream project (no pun intended) out there.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

As I said I was going to make this a blog about more than just the music so here it is the first unofficial post, it’s a movie review! And here it is, for the box office flop, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

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Hello world!

This is a whole new experience. I recently abandoned my blogspot blog because it was totally well weak. I hate how I use that word so much.

Anyways, this is the new blog for me, it’s simply called The Triforce, for a few reasons. My show on KUR [Kutztown University Radio] will be three really cool djs [tentatively] working together, so that’s three, and the Triforce is 3 pieces. Yep totally nerdy, I know. Another reason is the subject matter of these posts will not just be held up to well just the show but also movies [since I personally want to be a director] and other stuff, being the third subject matter.

So now that we have the explainations of the name and stuff done maybe we can get to work…oh no wait we can’t. The show doesn’t even have a time yet so I can’t plug it like I normally would…oh well maybe I’ll write up a movie review!

Till next time!