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Thoughts on the 12th Doctor’s Costume

The other day the BBC unveiled what is to be Peter Capaldi’s costume for the upcoming series of Doctor Who which is slated to air this coming autumn. My first thoughts were along the lines of this is rather nice, a nice little throw back homage in the coat to the 3rd Doctor, Jon Pertwee, as with the baggier lower riding pants to the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. The whole costume as they had stated in previous tweets and even press releases was that it would mix the past and the future in a way that is quite seamless. My only complaint is that the Doc Martens are not the most practical of shoe choices for running and it would appear that David Tennant is the only one who has gotten it right so far.



The Fault In Our Stars Trailer Is Here

The teaser trailer for one of the under the radar flicks for the year, The Fault In Our Stars, debuted today with much buzz. The film is based off of the New York Times bestseller written by John Green. The film’s plot revolves around a young girl who has cancer and it ends up turning into a romance for young teenagers. The novel was inspired by a fan of Green’s but is a complete work of fiction. The film is slated to hit theaters in June of this year. It looks pretty good. If you haven’t read the book yet I would strongly suggest it, it’s on my list of books to read.

Meth Damon To Star In Star Wars?

Pew Pew

With Breaking Bad wrapping up several months ago and with JJ Abrams working on the latest film in the Star Wars film series actor Jesse Plemons, who is best known as playing Todd in the final season of Breaking Bad, is rumored to be in the running for an undetermined part in the upcoming untitled Episode VII. Plemons played a fantastic villain type character as the either evily incompetent Todd or just so crazy intelligent that it was all an act Todd.

Plemons will be meeting with Abrams in the coming weeks, most likely to discuss a role in the film. Plemons impressed Abrams and the casting crew with his audition tape. Due to his slight resemblance to to Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker) the rumor is that he could play the son of Luke, but that could get well fishy because who is the mother. I guess we can file this under yet another actor that is rumored for the film with the last two Doctors and Sherlock himself also being mentioned at one point. Stay tuned for more information.

The Best Video Games of 2013

So continuing tonight’s hot post about the best albums of 2013 (which was just a list, nothing more unfortunately) here are the best games from the cyclical year of 2013. This year was a huge year as it was the final big year for both the PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 as the next generation got off to a semi slow start due to a lack of titles but it should soon kick off for both consoles with huge exclusives on the way. Much like with music there wasn’t too much time to play a lot of games with a hectic work schedule and other personal demands. The rules are simple games that came out in 2013 are the only ones up for the title, so no Persona 4 The Golden. Later I will do a comparison of what changed between the recent years of my top game from teh last few years and even digging up before this year, I do plan on doing that with the album of the year but not the film because there is always a weird thing about doing that with movies. Without further ado here is the list.

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The Best Albums of 2013

Another year has just about come and gone and here we are getting ready to reminisce on the past three hundred and sixty five days. We all make listicals listing our favorite things from the previous year on almost any subject, records, songs, films, television shows, video games even who the hottest hunks of 2013 were. Seriously go ahead and Google that stuff and I am sure you will find a list of that stuff just all over the place. I digress though it has taken time to put together this list as it does year in and year out. A busy work schedule as well as the inability to find time to listen to a majority of music has left the final weeks of the year devoted to determining what the best records of the year are to myself, and keep in mind that this is only an opinion. You don’t like the fact that I left Kanye West or Eminem or Lady Gaga off of my list then that is totally fine, cause it is my opinion, but you came here to read it. The point still remains the same, try cramming a year’s worth of music into a few short weeks or days and then comprise a list and you get either a well thought out list of stuff or just a giant crap fest half assed list that feels like it was forced. You judge.


EDITORS NOTE: Due to time constraints there is no actual thought bubbles on the albums, sorry for the disappointment!

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Introducing the WWE Network…

Well talk about a huge news in both the cable world and well everything that isn’t just about wrestling. I used to be into the whole WWE stuff but I kind of grew out of it, yeah we all know it’s a male soap opera and that it is staged and faked and all that fun jazz but you know what it was entertaining. Well at CES today they announced a new network hitting the internet devices (mobile and what not, I’m assuming television as well as game consoles) that will provide 24 hour streaming of WWE content including past events and live events.

The cost is a meager ten bucks a month with a six month commitment but that covers all the pay per views so instead of a one time sixty dollar payment you just pay a littler more than a hundred dollars a year to get your joyous fill of Vince McMahon and his male soap opera.

Community is Back…With a Vengence

Last week NBC brought back Community for it’s much anticipated fifth season. Why is it so hotly anticipated? Because show runner and creator Dan Harmon is back on the scene with what can only hope to be a return to form. Many fans have said that season four was lacking the soul, everyone was just going through the motions but from the first two episodes we can safely say that it is back to it’s old form. The departure of Chevy Chase and the soon to be departing Donald Glover might shake things up but if anyone can make it work it’s Dan Harmon. One has to wonder what will happen to Abed if and when Troy leaves…for good. I can only hope Glover is on a temporary leave and not to just follow up on Childish Gambino.