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12 Killed in Horrific Movie Theater Shooting

In what should have been a fun filled evening for the large crowd who eagerly awaited the midnight screening of the most anticipated film of 2012 (unless you are a Twitard) turned out to be one of the most horrific moments of the year. A man clad all in black with riot gear and bullet proof vest opened fire upon a packed theater in the middle of a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. After throwing tear gas into the theater he took it upon himself for reasons unknown to punish these people. The man, James Holmes aged 24 wounded 38 plus people while killing twelve. The ages varied from a few months to forty five years old.

My heart goes out to those who were shot and everyone else involved. Clearly this senseless tragedy not only ruined a nice evening for a majority if not all of these people but ruined lives of others. The premier over in Paris, which was going to feature the cast was canceled today by Warner Bros and President Obama called for a national day of reflection saying “Such violence, such evil is senseless. It is beyond reason… There are going to be other days for politics. This is a day for prayer and reflection.”

If you go see the movie this weekend please keep in the victims of this senseless act in your thoughts and prayers.


Korra Renewed For Three More Seasons

When the Legend of Korra was first announced I was super hyped. I had just finished watching the Last Airbender which was a quality program. I ne

arly forgot about Korra until the internet reminded me it existed so then I checked it out finally. I liked it. It was good. But it wasn’t the same. It was darker, it grew up with the audience and that makes sense but at the same time it didn’t have the depth. We all knew it was going to be 26 episodes but today at Comic-Con Nickelodeon ordered 26 more episodes to be spaced out into 4 seasons of 13 episodes. They revealed some info about the new season and you can check that out at IGN.


Second Thoughts: Danger Days by My Chemical Romance

So almost two years ago the latest album from Jersey alt-rockers My Chemical Romance dropped and I wrote a rather distasteful review. I had only listened to the album once and well just wrote as I had went along. So recently out of nowhere my shuffle on Winamp put on a track from the album (yes I still have all their stuff, musically) and it was the track “Bulletproof Heart.” I was doing some cleaning in the room and I really really got into the song. I think I’ve transcended the labels of music until I hear some trashy pop song but there I go breaking off into another subject.  So after having the chorus, which after listening to it multiple times is really catchy and quite good I decided to give the band another go.

It was almost as if I had fallen in love with them all over again. You see a few years ago I was diagnosed as being bipolar, which is common and able to live with. It’s not crippling or any form of decreasing the quality of life, it just makes it more of a challenge at times. Now most people who know me now know that I am some kind of super hipster fellow, one who listens to just indie rock and rarely branches out. When your roommate has to listen to songs like “Glad You Came” and the other popular stuff you would feel that way, that you’re music is the best, but hearing “Bulletproof Heart” just changed everything.

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Meet Joanna Mason

Some small casting news for the follow up to the Hunger Games. Jenna Malone from SuckerPunch will be playing Joanna Mason in the sequel Catching Fire which is going into pre production and is slated for release in last 2013. I don’t know much about the series but I’m sure she’s a tribute of some kind. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting this as of earlier today.

Something Game of Thrones Related

Over the last few weeks I have been ingesting the entire series of Game of Thrones on HBO. People have told me watch it and so I have and I was thoroughly entertained as well as addicted (just ask my Facebook friends). But when CollegeHumor posted this I just had to share.

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Other than the stereotypical word to use to other than AMAZING to describe Marc Webb’s take on the web-slinger. The problem with retconning a character is that fans are already familiar with the origin of said character. Case in point, we all know Bruce Wayne’s parents die, if you don’t then you have no soul, so when Nolan put that in his first Batman film he made it a focal point, a branching off point. It wasn’t something that Wayne looked back on and saw as say well this happened so I am going to do this, instead Nolan made it the focal point of why and how Wayne became the Caped Crusader.

Now a days with film companies trying to do the big budget superhero flick and make it right so that they can make multiple sequels it becomes more of a challenge to do it right by the fans and the general film goer. Movies that are based off of existing franchises, case in point superhero and novels, tend to focus mainly on the actual reader of said material. I didn’t get most of the Hunger Games much like Brianne didn’t get all of Spider-Man. As a  filmmaker you have to make some trade offs in your film if you are taking an existing franchise and turning it into a motion picture. Superhero films have a wider room for error than novels. You see most films that are made from comic characters have 40 or more years worth of source material whereas the Hunger Games movie had 1 book. You can’t really steer the course of the story to make it work for what you want, which is what the writer’s did with Spider-Man.

We all know the basic plot points of the friendly neighborhood wall crawler, his uncle has to die after he is bitten by some form of a spider that gives him the super powers, much like Bruce Wayne’s parents have to die in order for him to embark on the quest to become vengeance. But what you do from there as the scriptwriter is almost entirely up to you, as long as you don’t stray too far from the character and what he represents. So as my tangent comes to a close I feel like I can finally begin the actual review.

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