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Zach Snyder Casts Man Of Steel…Another Brit Playing Iconic American Role

Zach Snyder has recently cast the lead and one of the world’s largest roles. Of course playing Clark Kent/Superman may not seem that big but it’s a role that will follow you for the rest of your life. Just ask Christopher Reeves, the man who played Superman during the film franchises first run. The actor was so well known as the Man of Steel that the honchos over at Warner didn’t make a new film after Reeves became paralyzed. It wasn’t until he passed away that Brandon Routh took up the mantle. It isn’t a surprise that Routh won’t be returning in the leotard though…

Routh’s role in Superman Returns essentially guaranteed no return for him. His replacement is a man by the name of Henry Cavill. Cavill is a young British actor who has had several minor roles in film but nothing as big as his television appearance. Cavill played Charles Brandon the first Duke of Suffolk on The Tudors. Cavill is the second Justice Leaguer to be a Brit, Christian Bale’s Batman is the other.


Telly Talk

Back in the late ’90’s Thursday night was the night to get your sitcoms. NBC was the channel where you would get at least 2 out of a few good shows. Friends was nearing the end of it’s ten seasons while Will and Grace started dying out and Scrubs began what felt like forever on the air. Sure Scrubs was good for what…five maybe six seasons? It just proves the point that television shows aren’t what they used to be.

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Sony Unveils The Death of My Wallet

Remember how yesterday I was ranting and raving about whatever Sony had up it’s little Asian sleeve? Yeah I missed the unveil due to sleep and having to go into the internship this morning but hey at least I can tell you what it is now! So what did Sony unveil last night?

The project is not the Playstation Phone like some had suspected it would be and for that I am eternally grateful. No what they showed us is the next generation of portable gaming. They unveiled what gamers everywhere are calling the PSP2.

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F$%^ Sony of the Day: Announcement Of Expensive Gadget

Today Sony will unveil a huge new gadget. This will come at a press conference most likely in Japan, so this is going to be huge right? Well rumors have been flung across the internet as to what the gadget could be. Almost certainly not a PlayStation 4 seeing as the current system still has a few years left on it’s already powerful life (seriously they have sunk so much into it financially). So the most logical answer would be a new PlayStation Portable. The PSP2 as it is rumored to be might be unveiled later today, but it might not be.

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Duke Nukem Forever is Going To Be Released!?

Gearbox finally has announced that it’s almost done. That the game will be put out on time. The long awaited Duke Nukem sequel gets to see the light of day. I literally thought I would never see the day as the project was first announced back in 1997 and almost every year there were updates on the game. Gearbox recently picked up the project around 2009 and have announced May 3 as the day the game sees the light of day. They even put out a new trailer to match the release date. I’m kind of stoked.

First Look: X-Men First Class

Finally we get a little sneak at the upcoming summer film that is giving nerds like me semi-hard ons. They are finally making a new X-Men film after 2006’s abhorrent X3: The Last Stand. The sad part is they made X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the meantime and are preparing a sequel for it as we speak, yet Magneto doesn’t get a kick ass film like that either like he was promised is depressing. Of course the details were posted a bit back and you know what they depressed me as did some of these screens. Of course with a release date only a few months away the film could show signs of greatness like the first two X-Men films but I doubt it since Wolverine and X3 were nightmares I had to witness to believe. The pics are after the jump.

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I Hate Posting Lies: The Keanu Reeves Story

So rejoice fare movie fans for the article posted the other day regarding a fourth and even a fifth Matrix film turns out to be nothing more than a rumor that was fabricated. That is correct everything anyone said regarding the comment was deemed false by none other than Reeves himself. Reeves apparently made the announcement at some school in London that he has never been to and since that is the case we can officially say, thank god as Reeves can begin to work on Bill and Ted 3 or whatever else he has to work on.