Monthly Archives: December 2013

Paul Rudd is Ant Man

Well it looks like Marvel has finally cast Ant Man in the upcoming Edgar Wright adaptation of their super hero and the winner is comedian Paul Rudd. While this may seem like an out of left field choice note that some pretty funny actors have stepped into the action spotlight to varying degrees of success. While Marvel has announced that Rudd would be playing Ant Man it isn’t specified which Ant Man he is playing seeing as there is more than one Ant Man including Henry Pym, but chances are he isn’t the one.  Rudd is known for his appearances in the early Judd Apatow films such as The 40 Year Old Virgin as well as the Anchorman films.


Merry Christmas From The Dark Knight

I don’t know how I never found these guys on YouTube but this is sheer genius. My only problem is there is a lack of certain films in this little montage but that is something to overlook since this is just genius and hilarious at the same time.