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inFAMOUS Second Son Review

I’ve been busy as a bee of late and that doesn’t bode well for the blogosphere, that is what I am calling it now, the blogosphere. If you don’t like it then tough. I kid though. Recently Sony and SuckerPunch dropped the first must own next gen PS4 title. I cannot say overall next gen seeing as Titanfall just dropped shortly before inFAMOUS came out but it’s still the same point. One of the most hotly titled games in recent months. I know I had mentioned beforehand that a huge detriment to the launch of both consoles was the lack of star power in terms of first party or hotly anticipated titles and now here we are in the closing days of the launch window and they both drop huge bombs, the question being does Delsin Rowe’s debut as a Conduit hold up to the parkour adventures of Cole McGrath in Empire City and New Marias or does Delsin blow away like the smoke powers he inherits?

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