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Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut Review

The most loved show in the United Kingdom is back for it’s sixth season in it’s first reboot as the 11th incarnation of the time traveling Time Lord The Doctor embarks on something that we haven’t seen since the reboot, a two part season opener. When Steven Moffat took over he jumbled up the Russell T. Davies formula in just his second season. Totally throwing off the OCD of several Who fanatics. While a two part season opener seems a bit strange I can assure you that it works, at least so far in the first part. And you know what. Best. Premier. Ever.

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Elisabeth Sladden Memorial

I know it’s been a while since my last post, and I apologize, I’ve been well quite busy of late. Anyways I am currently working on my review of the season premier of Doctor Who. Anyways this didn’t air on the American version of the show so here is the tribute to the actress who played Sarah Jane Smith.

TV on the Radio’s Bassist Died Of Cancer

Last month Pitchfork reported that alternative rock band TV on the Radio’s bassist Gerard Smith was battling lung cancer. It was published on Pitchfork today that Smith has passed on after losing his battle with the awful disease. . The band has canceled several upcoming dates including tonight’s gig.

What Would Kurt Cobain Think of Foo Fighters??

With the latest Foo Fighters album being dropped and a tour would be the ensuing result one has to wonder what Dave Grohl, the mastermind behind the Foo Fighters, would be thinking his former band mate and friend from grunge rockers Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, would have to say about the music he makes.

In the soon to be released Foo Fighters documentary Back & Forth Grohl opens up about his days in Nirvana, as well as the early beginnings on the Foo. But that doesn’t help answer the question that is proposed. To think further on this subject I found myself asking several people, what do you think Cobain would think of Grohl’s new band, the Foo Fighters? Would he like it? Would he be disgusted? What would Cobain be like when it came to tracks such as “My Hero” or “Everlong”?

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Elisabeth Sladen Passes On

The headline makes it seem like she was a nobody but that could be farther from the truth. Sladen, 63, passed away today according to reports from the BBC. The actress is most well known for her appearance as the Doctor’s companion back in the 1970’s as Sarah Jane. Eventually Russell T. Davies brought her back in the 2005 reboot for a handful of episodes as well as getting her own spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures. A press release stated that Sladen had been battling cancer for quite some time. The Doctor Who community will surely miss the popular character.

Another New Death Cab Track On iTunes: “Some Boys”

So far we have been treated to 3 singles from the upcoming Codes and Keys album. Right now I am not sure how I feel on this. “You Are A Tourist” was the first single and at my first listen I was scared. I was really scared. But then after a month or so I fell in love, it’s a great tune to be honest with you and I wish the whole album was like that. Then “Home is a Fire” came out and I got skeptical, that track hasn’t warmed up to me entirely yet and I am getting scared a bit. The latest is a track called “Some Boys.” It seems to mix some of the styles from the first two singles which isn’t awful. It’s not as catchy as “Tourist” but not as bland and semi-dull as “Fire” but I’m sure after a few dozen listens I will love it. I am so biased. Codes and Keys drops May 31.

[MOVIE REVIEW] Your Highness

Your Highness from the title invokes one thought into my mind, and that one thought is something that I kept pondering throughout the film’s duration. This is going to be a stoner comedy that people won’t get unless they are high, ala Pineapple Express. Although I had never smoked a single joint I did enjoy Pineapple Express to the extent that someone who has never tried the reefer can enjoy a film about the miracle drug. Do you see what I am getting at? So when I got my tickets to see Your Highness I was a little concerned for the people who were seeing it without being high at the time or ever being high. What you get though is not what you think.

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