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Second Thoughts: Danger Days by My Chemical Romance

So almost two years ago the latest album from Jersey alt-rockers My Chemical Romance dropped and I wrote a rather distasteful review. I had only listened to the album once and well just wrote as I had went along. So recently out of nowhere my shuffle on Winamp put on a track from the album (yes I still have all their stuff, musically) and it was the track “Bulletproof Heart.” I was doing some cleaning in the room and I really really got into the song. I think I’ve transcended the labels of music until I hear some trashy pop song but there I go breaking off into another subject. ┬áSo after having the chorus, which after listening to it multiple times is really catchy and quite good I decided to give the band another go.

It was almost as if I had fallen in love with them all over again. You see a few years ago I was diagnosed as being bipolar, which is common and able to live with. It’s not crippling or any form of decreasing the quality of life, it just makes it more of a challenge at times. Now most people who know me now know that I am some kind of super hipster fellow, one who listens to just indie rock and rarely branches out. When your roommate has to listen to songs like “Glad You Came” and the other popular stuff you would feel that way, that you’re music is the best, but hearing “Bulletproof Heart” just changed everything.

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Finale Finale Finale

Okay so apparently last week was a lie and it wasn’t my final show. I was coaxed into a Finals Week Edition of the Triforce. Well thing is it isn’t the Triforce this week since Andy is called off to some family event that is yearly and Tim is half an hour late doing homework during the Finals Week, so it’s just me for now. Tonight we got Kyle’s Top Radio Friendly Songs Of 2010, we’ll do some countdowns and maybe give out a KUR t-shirt on the air to some contest winner. The moose will defend itself for those who are upset about that and well we’ll talk bull. The list is after the jump

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So this is it…the last show I’ll ever do. Thanks to Andy and Tim for giving me almost virtually entirely free reign here to pick whatever songs I want. These are some of my favorite songs of all time and I wanted to get them played just one last time here on KUR before I vanish into the sunset forever. Never coming back.

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Final Show

This week brings to a close the first and what appears to be the only season of the Triforce. With eleven episodes we did what most people thought we couldn’t. And while it’s been fun it’s also been tedious and at times frustrating. Granted it’s still a giant rewarding process to be able to work with two of your best friends even if things aren’t flawless you got to make the final product be what you promised it to be and i feel like the Triforce was without at a doubt at times when all three of us were there it could have been the best show on KUR (although some would argue).

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Episode X: Pretty Much All Tim

No this isn’t all Tim songs like the title believes. I forget why I had it called that…oh wait I had the flu and I couldn’t do a lot of talking but trust me, I did have some sway here. Not sure how much as I write this. The line between songs of Tim’s and mine are totally blurred….

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Episode VIIII: Andy Free

Andy had homework and stuff. What a shame. So me and Tim had to fill out the empty holes that were left. Maybe I had a lot of caffeine and totally forgot what was going on in my mind and stuff.

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Episode VIII: The Tim Free Show

Bloody Tim decided that he had better things to do so me and Andy dominated the radiowaves and oh boy was it fun as all hell to sit there and do this with just him. Take that Tim. Next time you should think twice about being a fag and leaving.

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