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Second Thoughts: Danger Days by My Chemical Romance

So almost two years ago the latest album from Jersey alt-rockers My Chemical Romance dropped and I wrote a rather distasteful review. I had only listened to the album once and well just wrote as I had went along. So recently out of nowhere my shuffle on Winamp put on a track from the album (yes I still have all their stuff, musically) and it was the track “Bulletproof Heart.” I was doing some cleaning in the room and I really really got into the song. I think I’ve transcended the labels of music until I hear some trashy pop song but there I go breaking off into another subject.  So after having the chorus, which after listening to it multiple times is really catchy and quite good I decided to give the band another go.

It was almost as if I had fallen in love with them all over again. You see a few years ago I was diagnosed as being bipolar, which is common and able to live with. It’s not crippling or any form of decreasing the quality of life, it just makes it more of a challenge at times. Now most people who know me now know that I am some kind of super hipster fellow, one who listens to just indie rock and rarely branches out. When your roommate has to listen to songs like “Glad You Came” and the other popular stuff you would feel that way, that you’re music is the best, but hearing “Bulletproof Heart” just changed everything.

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ALBUM REVIEW: My Chemical Romance: Danger Days…

The other day I received an early copy of the latest album from Jersey’s own My Chemical Romance. Those of you who know me know that I used to be a huge fan of the band. They were my favorite. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love used to be my favorite album and I would hold the fact that I loved MCR prior to their mainstream success was annoying as balls. When they disbanded back in 2007 I was heartbroken but I moved on.

So in 2010 they announce that they are making a new album and it’s slated to be put out in November. Their first single, Na Na Na Na, debuted on Radio 104.5, they put out two more singles before the album dropped. That’s the starting point.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Ben Folds Walks A Lonely Avenue

Ben Folds returns after 2008’s solid solo album, Way To Normal but this time around he’s not alone. Armed with lyrics by British novelist/playwright/screenwriter extraordinare Nick Hornby. Hornby delivers lyrics that seem shockingly similar to what Folds would normally write himself. Although the one thing that we get in a suffering sense is that the lyrics try so hard in some songs to be a story, much like our lyric writer is used to. though Lonely Avenue succeeds at being a combination of pop music with the typical anti-pop feel Folds brings to the music industry.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Matt and Kim’s Sidewalks

Back in 2004 two people from Brooklyn met up and were probably thinking, HEY LETS MAKE A BAND! The duo probably thought HEY IF THE WHITE STRIPES CAN DO IT, WHY CAN’T WE. So in 2006 the band put out their first album which just so happened to be self titled. Three years later they put out their mainstream hit Grand which featured several prominent hits such as “Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare”, “Daylight” and “Don’t Slow Down” while Grand got them a name the band wanted to make more music and obviously be known for more than a catchy chorus.

On this coming Tuesday the band will put out their third effort to the world entitled Sidewalks. The album though has a lead single called “Cameras” which is already stellar. The album itself is a rip roaring dancing good time that everyone should give a listen to and should feature some prominent singles.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Belle and Sebastian Write About Love

Belle and Sebastian are a baroque pop group from Scotland. Simple as that. They have released a plethora of music during their going on fifteen year existence. I personally got hooked on them through the Juno soundtrack a few years ago and I just can’t stop listening to the soothing melodies of the group. In 2006 the band put out what some thought was their last studio effort “The Life Pursuit” then they all went their separate ways.

Yet four years later they put out their next effort in the genre and continue to amaze listeners and woo them. “Belle and Sebastian Write About Love” or “Write About Love” in short is a splendid follow up to former B+S albums and it doesn’t lose the feel that you would get from their other works. Loaded with guest appearances from actress Carey Mulligan to pop singer Norah Jones this album is ripe with romantic conquest.

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