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Top My Chemical Romance Songs

A little more than a year ago alternative rockers My Chemical Romance called it quits right around the time they were to start recording LP number five. All the guys went their separate ways and were to begin work on their own solo careers. For those of you who know me you all know that back in the day I was a huge MCR fan and by huge I mean huge, it was a little crazy how huge of a fan I was. We had a falling out and then I gave their last LP another listen to and it was like riding a bicycle. Ever since they are back and forth in my rotation of music in the car.

Now I digress. Frank Iero recently put out his full length debut record and while I was not a huge fan of the sound itself I applaud him for doing his thing. Gerard Way just released his debut Hesitant Alien and that one blew my mind. No word on Mikey Way’s Electric Century or Ray Toro’s solo records but they are on the way. I decided to compile a list of the best My Chemical Romance songs from all four of their LPs. Now while this list may be a little odd since they only have a handful of LPs it’s still a solid list of tracks that the band has put together over the years. Enjoy.

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[DAILY LIST] Songs Death Cab Need To Play On Tour

The DCFC tour kicks off soon with a brief stop in Philly at the Trocadero Theater in June. Needless to say with just six days between the album’s release and the show date there won’t be much time to learn all the songs necessary to fully enjoy a show. I always find it hard to enjoy a concert fully when a band debuts new music, mainly stuff people haven’t heard. I highly doubt that this would be a show like that, you know where they play just the new music. That being said I have compiled this list of songs the band should, nay must play at the show. Here is the definites that I wish, nay demand Benjamin Gibbard and his crew to play. I want a full length crazy mad show. One that tops all other shows I’ve seen. Do two hours of live music. Nay three hours. Play all fucking night, I’ll be content.

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[DAILY LIST] The Best Decemberists Songs

Fine. Hate on this list all you want. I love this band. They are my second favorite band. Their latest album The King Is Dead was the number one album on Billboard. They also had a pretty good outing there. They announced a tour. Said Fuck You Philly. Then came back and was like Naw We Just Playing. We Love You Philly. So I ordered my tickets and June 15 can’t come soon enough! I compiled here a list of the must listen to tracks from Colin Meloy and the gang. It’s so sweet that you haters can just keep on  hating.

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[DAILY LIST] The Best Alternative Canadian Bands

Canada is just north of here. We should commonly refer to it as Scott Pilgrim land simply because there is not very many valuable things from Canada. Sure we get maple syrup, hockey and cheaper and easier to attain drugs from the country but we also get French people. Not a lot of people are very fond of French in general. And if what I hear is true even the French hate themselves. So today we get to do a list just for Canadian alternative bands. Also don’t get mad because RUSH isn’t on this list. I hate RUSH. I get they are talented but I can’t stand Geddy Lee or anything about that band. They are progressive rock, this is Alternative rock. I apologize if your favorite mounties ain’t on this list.

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[DAILY LIST] The Bands I Haven’t Seen That I Must See Live

So the podcast is up. Yeah I know pretty neat right? Cool stuff. We did nothing but Death Cab For Cutie tracks that most people wouldn’t know. So that’s our general theme. Songs from bands that you don’t know well thanks to top forty radio.

So today’s list stems from concerts. Radiohead’s latest album has of course warranted a tour. Never seen them. Arcade Fire announced a world tour skipping the east coast. Never seen them.  So here is the list of the bands that I have never seen but I must see live.

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[DAILY LIST] Best X-Men Characters

I thought about this long and hard and it’s tough to make a list like this. The X-Men go back into the 1960’s. Today there are many different publications we got Uncanny X-Men, X-Men Forever, New X-Men, X-Men Legacy, X-Factor, X-Force, Uncanny X-Force. I think its almost safe to say that Marvel’s first mutants are here to stay and are a main flag ship team for Marvel and it’s universe. So here we go the list!

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[DAILY LIST] The Best Super Bowls of My Life

Alright so I am a few days behind on posting this but I really wanted to. This is kind of sad that it has taken me so long to post stuff. You see I kind of hurt my left hand at work tearing too many tickets. While that may sound hilariously wrong it still happened and while it took me forever to type all the posts since (the White Stripes, Daily List, and Gorillaz) so that explains it. This past sunday Aaron Rodgers though led his Green Bay Packers to their first title since 1996 when Brett Favre was the man in charge. I thought I’d drum up some past memories with this super list from the Super Bowl.

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