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Chris Walla Leaves Death Cab For Cutie

Guitarist Chris Walla has announced the other day that he is leaving the only full time band that he has ever known. After seventeen years and soon to be eight full length LPs the guitarist is heading into the great unknown musically. Walla has released a solo record several years ago, the impressive Field Manuel and has done production work as well in the past for more than just Death Cab. 

“Short version: I’m leaving Death Cab for Cutie,” Walla wrote in a letter to a Seattle based blog The Stranger. “Longer version: I think I long for the unknown. It might be that simple.” Walla will leave after the band’s upcoming performances in September.

“I will miss being a quarter of this band, and will support whatever course Death Cab for Cutie chooses from here,” he wrote. “I am profoundly grateful to Ben, Nick, and Jason, for the experiences that define my adult life. Truly grateful, beyond words. Thank you.”

The band recently wrapped up the recording on their 8th studio record, which is slated for an early 2015 release. 

Honestly a lot of members leave bands and they stay in tact. As for how DCFC will handle the departure of one of it’s more important members it is hard to say. Surely Ben Gibbard and crew will be all right in the end and they will regroup and make the best record of their career. While Walla continues to pursue future opportunities I personally wish him the best of luck. 

Here’s the band playing live at the Greek Theater in Berkley back in 2009. Wow.


Muse Working On a New Album

It’s hard to believe that Muse has been a band for going on twenty years. That’s really impressive to say the least with how bands come and go these days. Matt Bellamy recently stated that the band was working on a new LP, the follow up to 2012’s The 2nd Law. Bellamy said that the record would be a lot heavier. The album is due out in the summer of 2015.

Here’s the band playing “Hyesteria” at the Rome Olympic Stadium last year.

The Podcast Has Reached 13 Episodes

I know that I haven’t been posting the links on here like I usually do but I felt like I needed to explain here. I have decided to try to do an hour long podcast every day.


8Bit Grunge Medley

This video went viral earlier today and it is pretty swell. A medley of the greatest grunge music in the form of chip tune. Chip tune is the style of music that sounds like it was run through a Nintendo dating back to 1985.

Sir Sly Debut Dated

Indie darlings Sir Sly announced the other day that their debut LP You Haunt Me will be dropping on September 16th. It’s so close that I can taste the awesome music destroying my ears. They debuted the title track for the record and you can hear it below.

Pedophile Rock Star Gets Appeal Rejected

Ten years ago Lostprophets were a rising star among alternative rock bands, now today their front man Ian Watkins rots away in a jail cell where he belongs. Several months ago the Welsh frontman was sentenced to twenty nine years in jail for horrendous acts that he committed against children. Watkins originally didn’t plead guilty but eventually did after evidence was found on his computer.

New Weezer Song To Make Amends For Previous Albums?

The newest single from Weezer is here! Well I hate to say this but at least a decade or so ago I would have been exceedingly excited. To be honest though I entered it with trepidation but I have to say it seems like Rivers Cuomo is making up for the last few records at least with a song that feels like an apology to fans that have been there for more than Raditude or Hurley or even The Red Album.