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Top My Chemical Romance Songs

A little more than a year ago alternative rockers My Chemical Romance called it quits right around the time they were to start recording LP number five. All the guys went their separate ways and were to begin work on their own solo careers. For those of you who know me you all know that back in the day I was a huge MCR fan and by huge I mean huge, it was a little crazy how huge of a fan I was. We had a falling out and then I gave their last LP another listen to and it was like riding a bicycle. Ever since they are back and forth in my rotation of music in the car.

Now I digress. Frank Iero recently put out his full length debut record and while I was not a huge fan of the sound itself I applaud him for doing his thing. Gerard Way just released his debut Hesitant Alien and that one blew my mind. No word on Mikey Way’s Electric Century or Ray Toro’s solo records but they are on the way. I decided to compile a list of the best My Chemical Romance songs from all four of their LPs. Now while this list may be a little odd since they only have a handful of LPs it’s still a solid list of tracks that the band has put together over the years. Enjoy.

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Would You Believe These Albums Are “Classic” Now

Several years ago while I was interning at 94.1 WYSP I learned that in order for a band or a release to be considered “classic” it has to at least be 15 years old. This was told to me by one of the DJs when I remarked that a late ’90’s Green Day song was in the playlist. WYSP was not known for playing songs that were late ’90’s. They were heavily focused on the ’70’s through ’95 at least. There would be an occasional Green Day song from Dookie but nothing from around 2000.

I recently did some digging and found this a list that I compiled of albums that to this day would be in the “classic” section now. In order to qualify the album has to have been released in 1999. Not only that but it needs to be a sub genre of rock. The point of this list is not to find albums that literally just sound like they came out in the ’90’s but that you can’t believe that it came out in that time period because you still find yourself listening to something off of it.

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Top Ten Motion City Soundtrack Tracks

Over the course of the last week I have found myself just for fun going back and listening to some of the old bands that I used to listen to in the search of the great summer soundtrack. I haven’t found an insane amount but let’s face it, summer is the time for more pop laden music, and just because I said pop doesn’t mean I am referring to acts like Taylor Swift or One Direction. Pop music is found in all genres from pop-punk (blink 182,Taking Back Sunday), indie pop (Belle and Sebastian, fun), pop-rock (Mayday Parade, Green Day) and many more. These being just slight examples.

The diversity of music is such a fascinating thing to think about. When people ask me what I listen to I simply respond with just indie rock, but what about the other stuff that I will occasionally listen to based on my mood? That brings up a question for further debatge later but I usually explain that I can listen to anything as long as it is a sub genre of rock and isn’t by Nickelback.

I have jumped from my original point. One of the bands that I had fallen back in love with was/is Motion City Soundtrack. I started listening to MCS back in 2004 right around the time of their sophomore record, Commit This to Memory. That record will always be my favorite record of theirs because of the lyrics front man Justin Pierre put out, it’s their style, eccentric and odd with the mogg synth mixed in with pop-punk/indie rock stylings. It wasn’t until after meeting the band at Warped Tour in 2006 that I really enjoyed their music. They are totally cool guys and they took their time to talk to me and my group of friends which most bands wouldn’t do.

With the release of their last record that I would get at the time, Even if it Kills Me, I had stopped listening to them in exchange for heavier more angst ridden acts like Chiodos or Silverstein. But in my quest for finding a new band to wrap my ears around for summer tracks I stumbled upon my copy of Even If It Kills Me and after one listen to their entire catalog it was love again.

MCS sounds more like indie-pop in their more recent record and at times pop-punk in earlier records but to label Pierre and his band mates is a challenge that most people can’t do.  So without further ado here is in my honest opinion the ten best tracks from their five albums.

18 year old me with Justin Pierre of MCS

18 year old me with Justin Pierre of MCS

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The Best Video Games of 2013

So continuing tonight’s hot post about the best albums of 2013 (which was just a list, nothing more unfortunately) here are the best games from the cyclical year of 2013. This year was a huge year as it was the final big year for both the PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 as the next generation got off to a semi slow start due to a lack of titles but it should soon kick off for both consoles with huge exclusives on the way. Much like with music there wasn’t too much time to play a lot of games with a hectic work schedule and other personal demands. The rules are simple games that came out in 2013 are the only ones up for the title, so no Persona 4 The Golden. Later I will do a comparison of what changed between the recent years of my top game from teh last few years and even digging up before this year, I do plan on doing that with the album of the year but not the film because there is always a weird thing about doing that with movies. Without further ado here is the list.

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The Best Albums of 2013

Another year has just about come and gone and here we are getting ready to reminisce on the past three hundred and sixty five days. We all make listicals listing our favorite things from the previous year on almost any subject, records, songs, films, television shows, video games even who the hottest hunks of 2013 were. Seriously go ahead and Google that stuff and I am sure you will find a list of that stuff just all over the place. I digress though it has taken time to put together this list as it does year in and year out. A busy work schedule as well as the inability to find time to listen to a majority of music has left the final weeks of the year devoted to determining what the best records of the year are to myself, and keep in mind that this is only an opinion. You don’t like the fact that I left Kanye West or Eminem or Lady Gaga off of my list then that is totally fine, cause it is my opinion, but you came here to read it. The point still remains the same, try cramming a year’s worth of music into a few short weeks or days and then comprise a list and you get either a well thought out list of stuff or just a giant crap fest half assed list that feels like it was forced. You judge.


EDITORS NOTE: Due to time constraints there is no actual thought bubbles on the albums, sorry for the disappointment!

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12 Actors Who Could Play The 12th Doctor

With the eighth series of the reboot of Doctor Who coming in the next few months and the recent announcement that Matt Smith will be leaving his role as the 11th incarnation the internet has taken to speculation as to who will replace the bow tie loving fez donning Smith inside the TARDIS. While some have clamored for a female or even a minority actor to fill in the shoes I want to state my personal opinion on the matter before I divulge my list. While it may sound a bit conservative my personal views are along this line: the Doctor is a male. First and foremost. I am totally okay with a female playing the part or maybe another character but in the 50 years and even in the 1000 plus years the Doctor has been alive he has been a white male. I am not sexist nor racist, in fact I would be okay with a minority playing the role eventually after a few episodes, but the fact is that the character has been established as a white male. Hell he could be Irish or even Scottish (see David Tennant). Now I am sure that I will get some heat for this views or even applause based on how you take what I say but when you go through this list think about the character and the writing style and tell me you don’t see this happening. And once more I apologize if I have offended any of you my valued readers but I still stand by my opinion.

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Top Albums of 2012

I know it’s been like two months since the last post! Life’s been pretty hectic but now it’s time to unveil all the top stuff from 2012. The last year on Earth for some of us. Well I’m just kidding but it was an interesting year for music ranging from the awful new music we got to hear from awful acts like Kesha and other dreadful pop acts. It also was the time when an anti-American Korean became a pop sensation with a song that Americans didn’t even understand. For all we know “Gangam Style” could have been nothing but pure hate for America. Anyway I digress and needless to say both Psy and dubstep and the rest of what today’s modern youth enjoys musically will sadly not be making an appearance on these lists. Without further ado here is the list for 2012.

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