One Hit Wonders: Walk the Moon

I’ve decided to try multiple new features to the blog, if not on a daily basis but on a weekly basis. I think weekly sounds about right and more appropriate. Between working a full time job and a second job as well time is few and far between.

So our first little segment is going to be called “One Hit Wonders.” It’s more or less a question than a statement, today’s modern radio features bands and other musicians that have one super popular song and that’s all we hear from them. This segment is more about hey this band has one huge hit but guess what that’s not all there is to them. Of course this segment will focus more on popular bands such as the aforementioned band. We’ll hopefully dissect the song as well as other works that you should know. I know this is a huge risk kind of post idea.

So let’s talk about the one hit wonder we are talking about today, Walk the Moon. The song in question is a huge hit that you can’t get away from. I remember the first time I heard that on the local alternative rock station and immediately told myself that this will be huge. I thought more so for alternative rock stations not world wide.

I remember pointing out to my one boss that this song will be huge you watch, you won’t get away from it. Here we are almost a year later and we hear it on over every single radio station, at every single prom, and wedding as well.

Dissecting the Song

So what makes “Shut Up and Dance” such a good song? The fact is that it transcends almost every single musical group, well interest so to speak. It mixes in the smooth synth stylings of the 1980’s, it features a nice upbeat tempo, it’s also insanely catchy with a hook that could get stuck  in your head for days on end.

I’ve noticed this at weddings, not only do the teenagers and kids get into but the adults and even the grandparents are out on the dance floor singing along. Not only is the song featuring all of the above but it also has positive lyrics. There is no profanity, there’s no shaming of the opposite gender, or drug references at all. It’s just a fun song.

Who is Walk the Moon?

Walk the Moon hails from Ohio, specifically Cincinnati. The name is inspired from a song from the 1980’s. To be exact that song was called “Walking on the Moon” by the Police.

The band had quite a bit of lineup changes through the early years before their debut album came out in 2010 entitled “I Want! I Want!” which was self released. Of course it wasn’t until four years later that they got the recognition they deserved with the first single off of “Talking Is Hard.”

The band has put out three records including their major label debut back in 2012 which happened to be a self titled record. The band is also known for painting their faces for a live performance as does their fans.

Now I know I am just spouting facts right now about the band and that’s the point here. The guys have been touring extensively and are wrapping up a huge world wide tour as they head into Australia.

What Else Is There Other Than “Shut Up and Dance??”

Well as I mentioned they have three albums full of material which amounts to just under forty songs because I didn’t include EPs or anything of that nature. Alternative stations picked up their first single a charming upbeat (not as upbeat as “Shut Up”) called “Ana Sun.” This song featured a chorus that wasn’t as catchy but it sounded a little bit different.

What makes a Walk the Moon song is a catchy chorus, upbeat uptempo guitars and lyrics that are actually insanely upbeat. If you really want to check out a whole album really check out “Talking is Hard.” Almost every single song on the record is amazing and a stand out. “Portugal” is one of my personal favorites, it features a nice catchy chorus and a positive message. The guitars soar as a blend of modern alternative and the 80’s sound from bands like The Police and REM.  Their new song “Different Colors” has garnered some popularity on social media a few months ago because of the recent marriage equality act that was passed with a #DifferentColors.  The same album features a lot of pop rock that will stay stuck in your head.

I recently gave a listen to their self titled and I was instantly blown away. It felt like between 2012 and 2014 they perfected their craft. Yes they still had pop laden rock songs on the record but they weren’t as fine tuned as they are now. Here’s my closing thoughts though, not every band is just one song, and I’m not trying to be a so called “hipster” with these posts but what I am trying to do is get people who really dig that one song to explore their discography and back catalog.

And without further ado I leave you with one of my favorite Walk the Moon songs, “I Can Lift a Car” off of the self titled record.


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