Album of the Week: New Politics – Vikings

This is the other new feature of the blog that I plan on working on. Each week I plan on highlighting an album from the past few weeks that is well the highlight of that week. Since this is the first time doing this I have decided to go back a week or two to pick the Copenhagen based alt-pop group New Politics their just due with their amazing third record called “Vikings.”

The album is nothing short of phenomenal and features a much different sound than what they displayed no their sophomore record “A Bad Girl in Harlem” which featured more boy band style songs like “A Bad Girl In Harlem” and the Backstreet Boys harkening “Tonight You’re Perfect” but now they add more punk and alternative vibes this time and it feels like they are channeling popular alt rock groups like the Arctic Monkeys and the Neighbourhood.

The opening song, the first single from September of 2014, is not the best song on the record but it is one of the better ones. The insanely catchy “Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens)” is anything short of a radio friendly master piece. Just judge for yourself.

Did you hear it? It’s great isn’t it. Not only do they do that well but they add more punk rock sounds like the phenomenal “Girl Crush” which blends a little bit of that boy band sound but has a more punk alternative feel to it. The lyrics are fun and upbeat but also well not what you would think the band would be singing about to be totally honest. It’s about a one night stand with a girl who turns out to be a lesbian or something like that. Add in the harder more punk sound of “50 Feet Tall” and you get a nice variety of sounds and styles that works.

The other big single is now three months old and I remember the first time I heard it, it made me realize that the band is coming out with a new album and holy cow it’s going to be great. The new sing is gaining steam on the charts and is called “West End Kids.” This one is a bit more of a harkening back to their previous work on their other two records. Insanely catchy choruses be damned right?

The album does feel a bit short (largely because of the 11 minute closing track which is really only a few minutes in total with the bonus tracks and cutting out the blank spaces) but it’s 11 songs of pure fun. A blend of indie pop and punk and alternative radio friendly jams that came out just a wee bit too late in the summer.

Where does “Vikings” stack up to the other solid releases this year? As of right now it’s most likely going to end the year in my top five or top ten albums of 2015. That means go out and get it. If it’s via iTunes or in stores or Amazon, this is one I highly recommend.

For those of you wondering New Politics will be touring and will hit Philadelphia in November with the ever talented Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness right around Thanksgiving.


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