Gerard Way’s Solo Debut Has a Name But No Date

A year ago when alt rock superstars My Chemical Romance announced their break up I was a little torn up, MCR played a huge part in my life back when they first started up and reached super stardom but I guess I grew out of them until I gave Danger Days another chance and it was all good.

Either you loved MCR or you hated them, it just seems to be that way with bands like them, but I digress. The group has gone their separate ways and if you check out my latest podcast you can get a sample of what the final record from the group sounded like and what all the side projects sound like.

With Ray Toro and Frank Iero having their debut solo LPs dropping at some point this year former front man Gerard Way announced via Twitter the name of his upcoming solo debut which will be due out at some point this fall on Warner Records. The album is entitled Hesitant Alien and the first single that has surfaced on YouTube is entitled “Action Cat.”

Way described the record as sounding very “British” and it seems only fitting that Way’s first solo performance will be at the Reading Festival this summer. Here’s My Chemical Romance performing a stripped down version of their hit “Helena (So Long and Good Night” at one of their final Radio 104.5 Studio Sessions. It’s simply beautiful, if you know the song itself you know this is not how it normally is, Way throws it all out here. I’m pretty excited for Hesitant Alien.


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