You Won’t Believe Who The Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Picket Next

We all have come to know and love the Westboro Baptist Church through the recent years. With their announcements of who they will boycott and picket with their anti-gay message and claim that the bible supports them. I feel that their organization really doesn’t need to be introduced here seeing as that they have been all over the news over the last few years.

They show up at soldier’s funerals and picket there, they protest which they are allowed to due to their freedom of speech but they cross a line, actually they leap over the line. Going to a funeral is one thing but spreading hate speech is a whole other situation. Now they are showing up to rock and roll concerts to well do what else but inflict their hate speech on concert goers.

On July 20th when alternative rock group Panic At the Disco plays in Kansas City the group will be there and in full force with songs that parody the band’s own music. We can tell the church is quite handy at Photoshop as evidenced by their Tweet earlier.


Not only do they have that but they also tweeted a link to this lovely piece of hate speech. The church also plans on doing the same to alt rockers Fall Out Boy when they hit the scene as well.



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