Today is the Five Year Anniversary of MJ’s Death

I woke up this morning unaware that today had any special significance at all other than it was June 25th, which happened to be a Wednesday. But lo and behold upon loading Twitter for the first time today I found that it is none other than the five year anniversary of the passing of our beloved pop star Michael Jackson.

A running gag I have seen online is that Jackson’s death is one of those you will remember exactly where you were when you found out that the King of Pop passed. Yeah I remember but it’s not because it was something that stood out in my mind, I don’t want to classify the death of Jackson as something that would be on par with the passing of JFK but I guess maybe it is.

Five years ago I was sitting in a different bed room then the one I live in now, on a different chair, at a different desk on the same computer. I was browsing Facebook, and I saw the news post from the same person I saw the Tweet from. I couldn’t believe it. We have a lot of celebrity death hoaxes in this day and age and that is because of the internet. A Google search revealed it to be true, Jacko was dead. And in that moment that very moment, the world stood still.

I wasn’t a big Jacko fan but I respected him. Yeah sure he may have done what he did with those children but what went on behind closed doors is not something we will ever know. His reputation was tarnished but his music will last forever. And for that we are thankful for the work that Jacko put out. His iconic status will be remembered forever for what he was, a pop star, one who changed a generation and not for the molestation of children. Much like our heroes Jacko’s misdeeds will eventually fade in time and that is what we can give to those who leave us behind.

Jacko will be forever remembered as the pioneer who changed our perceptions of pop music. He paved the way for the stars of today even if the tabloids and sitcoms mocked him it was his music that will last throughout the years. And it is today that we honor Michael Jackson the artist. The King of Pop.







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