Uncharted 4 Trailer

Sony hit gold when they launched their PlayStation 3 Entertainment System with the first new IP for the console from in house developer Naughty Dog. When I first saw what Naughty Dog had cooked up I wasn’t impressed. Several years later when I got my hands on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune I was blown away. For an early PS3 title it looked really nice but it played amazingly.

It is now almost five years removed from my first time playing an Uncharted game and how quickly the series has become a favorite of mine. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves quickly became one of my favorites and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception was one of my most anticipated titles of the year and even one of the games of the year in it’s release. UnchartedGolden Abyss was the first Vita game I acquired. So you can see how quickly the series grew on me.

The series though is known for it’s protagonist Nathan Drake, who is a treasure hunter in the mold of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones. His wise cracking ways bring humor and life into the series. It never truly takes itself too serious as we generally find out in the final act of the game with each one’s relative plot twists. When the first trailer for Uncharted 4 was teased the uproar was that Drake wouldn’t be in the game and we’d have a new protagonist. Needless to say this trailer shows Drake but hints that this may be his final hoorah. The game looks gorgeous. Naughty Dog usually doesn’t go for the whole pregenerated video cut scene trailers but the actual footage. Just from the looks it seems we have another bona fide hit on our hands. Just so long as they don’t change up the game play and throw in your typical story I will be waiting in line at midnight with a big grin on my face.


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