There Will Be Divergent Sequels…Sigh

Earlier this year yet another young adult novel was turned into a piece of cinema and like most of them, they tend to flop out like crazy. I mean sure they make mad money like Twilight but they generally aren’t quality films like the two Hunger Games flicks.  Divergent was a pretty solid set of novels that were a fun read and with hopes that they would be not god awful but with the first film straying so far away from the books it begs to wonder if the follow ups would even acknowledge the whole muck ups and not even ignoring the fact that a certain character has an eye still.

They just cast a rather important character. That character being Evelyn and she will be played by the lovely Naomi Watts. It doesn’t matter Insurgent can’t technically work unless they fix the flaws of the first film. End Rant.


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