Early PlayStation 4 Thoughts

I was one of the few lucky ones to get their hands on the PlayStation 4 at launch last week and I feel like I have played enough to give my first thoughts. Unfortunately there were not a large amount of titles to choose from at launch with inFAMOUS slated for a late March release and WatchDogs being delayed until June gave gamers mostly ports of PS3 titles to the new console. I did pick up my copy of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and called it a day.

Unboxing the console showed me a nice shiny parallelogram that is now sitting on my entertainment center. Setting up the console was easy enough and it shouldn’t give anyone a hard time setting it up. It allows you to connect your Facebook and PSN accounts together which is a really nice and neat concept but some people might choose not to.

After you set up the console it’s time to actually download a few of the meager apps that are out, which is to be expected. Most of the games require a large amount of harddrive space, ranging from 10 gigs to 50 gigs. Luckily the system has 500 gigs of internal storage and you can upgrade it on your own. Sony has crafted a beautiful system that looks next gen and slightly futuristic and handles like a dream.

Even when you are running the games the system hums nice and quietly and the light on the system is a nice added feature. Another new feature is the ability to put the system into a stand by mode so that you don’t lose too much when you go into it. I find myself putting it in standby more than actually turning it off. I do love the controller, it hasn’t changed too much from the design of the DualShock 3 but it still is a work of art. There isn’t much of a change to it other than the removal of the start and select buttons and the addition of a touchpad.

The touchpad doesn’t have much functionality yet but there is potential. It is larger than the previous one but still I like it. The share button is a nice new feature and I love how Sony has emphasized the importance of Social Media on this console and it clearly feels like the gamers console.

Overall, since this is just a collection of thoughts, everything is nice and better on the PS4 and it is a must have for any serious gamer but if you can’t afford the semi-hefty price tag then wait, at least until Metal Gear or inFAMOUS comes out. Otherwise I’ll see you on the PSN.


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