Another Reason to Be Mad At Square Enix

Earlier this year SE announced the release of a Kingdom Hearts HD collection. The bad news was it was only KH1 and Chain of Memories with the cut scenes from a DS game. Yeah sure they slapped a lower price on it but why not just make the collection nothing but KH1 and KH2 with Chain and Birth By Sleep? Charge the full price and call it a day. But they didn’t and the other day the announcement came that next year on the PS3 will be the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD reMIX.

Look I enjoy Kingdom Hearts and I feel that the game has aged well in most terms but the fact remains that you are going to charge people eighty dollars for what 4 games that might not be worth that much even if you buy them brand new on the consoles they are on. But once again there is no way that fans of the series have played them all right? I mean you scattered a bunch of the handheld games to different handhelds.

This all leads to the pending release of Kingdom Hearts 3 which from what I have heard is the finale of either the series or Sora’s story. So let’s see if 2014 is the year of Kingdom Hearts as the second remix will drop on the PS3.

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