Two Pretty Big Marvel Castings Might Both Be Better Than DC

So the big news last week was that Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame was to be playing Lex Luthor. Well Cranston has downplayed the beejeezus out of the idea although he does seem keen. Word on the street though is that Cranston has the role and that Warner-DC is just waiting until Breaking Bad has come to a complete end later this fall (in 4 weeks) to make an official announcement.

Meanwhile over at Disney-Marvel two big casting announcements had been made recently. Both are huge roles, one of which is the lead character in James Gunn’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film and the other is a villain in Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel. Both of Marvel’s castings though are tremendously wise and well good whereas Ben Affleck’s Batman is spotty but if Cranston is Luthor we got a slightly contested title here.

Playing the role of Ultron in the Avengers sequel is James Spader. Spader was the lead role on Boston Legal for four seasons and would later take over as the branch manager at Dunder Mifflin in one of the final seasons of The Office. He is currently starring in The Black List which is a new cable television series. I am not sure how Ultron is as a character (I never read the comic with him in it) but I am sure Spader can handle the role excellently.

Meanwhile up in space Jenkintown, PA’s very own Bradley Cooper will be the voice of Rocket Raccoon. RR is the heart and sole of the Guardians and who better than Cooper to provide the wise talking voice. I’ve met Cooper once before (local boy) and he was pretty nice and on top of that the last few years has seen him rise up past the rom com drek that he did in the past (not that all of them were that bad) With recent large roles such as the Hangover Trilogy and Silver Linings Playbook Cooper is a solid signing for the Marvelverse as is Spader.

Guardians comes out next year while May 2015 is where Whedon will try to top the first Avengers film.


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