The Good News and the Bad News Of Transformers 4

So we all know Michael Bay is doing a new Transformers movie. That’s bad. Marky Mark is the star. That’s good (I like Marky Mark). The film has the dinobots. That’s really good. The film is still a Michael Bay Transformers movie. That is very bad.

The other day though the announcement of the Dinobots being in the movie sent both a sense of elation and depression among the fans of the classic Robots in Disguise. You see Grimlock will be making a big screen debut when the film hits theaters and I am not sure about most of you but Grimlock was my all time favorite Transformer. So hearing this made me happy and sad, as I sat in the car on the way home from work reading this article to the person driving I felt the strong urge to cry.

So now you know. Transformers 4: Age of Extinction is due out at some point in the near summer years. Avoid it at all costs.


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