Since I’m On Fire Today: Star Wars Rumors!

JJ Abrams will be directing the yet untitled Star Wars sequel due out at some point (I believe 2015 was the target year) and while there have been casting rumors and some “confirmed” casting this one rumor has gotten fanboys and girls all squeamish and wet in their undies.

Several months ago I posted a list of my dream Doctor for Doctor Who and the number two actor on the list was the recently found super mega popular Benedict Cumberbatch or as I jokingly call him Bendy Cucumber. Cumberbatch has found immense popularity over the past few years with the immensely popular Sherlock BBC series and his recent film appearance in Star Trek as…Khan…but with the upcoming third season of Sherlock as well as other commitments (the Hobbit movies are due out soon with him in it) we have to wonder if Cumberbatch will have time to play a large role in the new Star Wars film.

My theory is yes he will. Granted if there is a third Trek film he’ll be back and with both Hobbit roles being finished, unless they need him in post, it’s highly unlikely he will have a super booked schedule. Plus it seems like after the three episode seasons of Sherlock they take a break so why not play the hero or even the main villain in the upcoming Trilogy. He recently worked with Abrams on Trek and stole the show, so why not?

Anyway this is just a rumor but I hope there is some merit to it, because we could all use a little Bendy Cucumber in our lives.


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