Introducing the 12th Doctor…Peter Capaldi

Well it looks like for the second time in as many times that the bookies pretty much called it right before the announcement. I had posted earlier in the week that Capaldi was the favorite to jump into the TARDIS and travel across all of time and space. So when his name was called on Sunday it was not much of a surprise. Capaldi is a terrific actor, he’s been in British telly and film for over 20 years so it’s more like a safe choice. While I haven’t seen Capaldi that much what I have seen is a capable actor who knows his craft. And if what I hear is true he’s a lifelong fan of the programme. Now the big concerns I have of course is the age, Capaldi is going to be on the wrong side of fifty when the Christmas special airs, so who knows how long he will last as the titular time lord, plus on top of that the reason why the age is a huge concern is because according to both Matt Smith and David Tennant it’s a very demanding role, but we shall see. I am expecting a return of the Valeyard at some point in the next few seasons.


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