In Awful News…Batman-Superman Movie Is Happening

So at Comic-Con yesterday they announced what I deem to be a franchise killing film. The long anticipated Batman-Superman movie is official. And with that my hope for the continuation of a quality series of Batman films went down the drain. I really did enjoy the Christopher Nolan franchise and I loved Christian Bale’s turn as the Caped Crusader but this, this just ruins everything that Nolan worked hard on for the series, because not only are you recasting the dark and gritty hero but you are forcefully teaming him up with the Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill is slated to return with Zac Snyder on in some form, possibly directing while David Goyer is helping pen another script. While I haven’t seen the latest Superman flick I can’t judge horribly but I have heard very mixed reviews from people saying it either kicked ass or it blew chunks. Anyways we can expect this dredge in a handful of years but with the superhero popularity I’d say 2015 is when we’ll get it.

And in good news or bad, a Flash movie is underway as well, kind of like a footnote seeing as it’s target release is 2016.


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