Electro’s First Appearance…Kind of

Comic Con is right around the corner if not already underway out in San Diego and needless to say there will be a lot of fun developments. First up on the slate is an actual video clip from the upcoming (like next year) Amazing Spider-Man 2. We all know that I thoroughly enjoyed Marc Webb’s adaptation on the character but with the announcement of release dates for 2 and 3 recently I am a bit more skeptical towards it as a series. Look I get the fact that you want to reboot Spidey and that super hero movies are in but to throw release dates out for sequels is just eh.

In Spidey 2 news though they dropped MJ from the film and decided to put her in the third film instead and the lead actor himself Andrew Garfield suggested that maybe MJ should be a male which would be a nice change of pace for these kind of films. First they suggest a black Spider-Man (I was so down with Donald Glover) and now a male MJ (hey I can somehow see Spidey being bi or gay) but that was a couple weeks ago.

Now we are getting our first glimpse of Electro, who will be the main villain alongside with Paul Giamatti who plays the Rhino. After watching the thirty second clip I can say that I am not really liking the selection of Jamie Foxx as Electro. Look Foxx is a good actor and all but I don’t see him as Spidey villain material. Judge for yourself.

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