12 Actors Who Could Play The 12th Doctor

With the eighth series of the reboot of Doctor Who coming in the next few months and the recent announcement that Matt Smith will be leaving his role as the 11th incarnation the internet has taken to speculation as to who will replace the bow tie loving fez donning Smith inside the TARDIS. While some have clamored for a female or even a minority actor to fill in the shoes I want to state my personal opinion on the matter before I divulge my list. While it may sound a bit conservative my personal views are along this line: the Doctor is a male. First and foremost. I am totally okay with a female playing the part or maybe another character but in the 50 years and even in the 1000 plus years the Doctor has been alive he has been a white male. I am not sexist nor racist, in fact I would be okay with a minority playing the role eventually after a few episodes, but the fact is that the character has been established as a white male. Hell he could be Irish or even Scottish (see David Tennant). Now I am sure that I will get some heat for this views or even applause based on how you take what I say but when you go through this list think about the character and the writing style and tell me you don’t see this happening. And once more I apologize if I have offended any of you my valued readers but I still stand by my opinion.

12. Rupert Grint
Apart from the glaringly obvious reason that he’s ginger there isn’t much to really say about Grint playing the role of the Doctor. We’ve not heard too much from the Harry Potter sidekick, so that is a huge positive. He has done work with the special effects but would he be capable of making the jump from second banana to top dog? While I don’t doubt his ability (I actually liked his Ron Weasley), Grint doesn’t necessarily have the look down pat but he is of the right age if not a hair too young, he’ll be twenty five in a little more than a month plus his filmography isn’t very impressive if you take Harry Potter away, but he’s still a legit favorite in the contending. You’d also most likely recruit the Harry fans who weren’t already Whovians.

Why Not: While I am not saying Grint is an unknown he is relatively well known in most nerd circles as the boy who played Ron Weasley. And I am not saying that the role isn’t one of those iconic British characters, seeing as how popular Harry Potter is or was, but going from that to this, it is like Daniel Craig playing Bond and the Doctor. It just doesn’t feel right. That and it seems like Grint really doesn’t too much work seeing as he is probably set for life with his Pot-money.

Scale of Awesome: Finally a ginger….

11. Harry Lloyd
First off let’s get this out of the way Lloyd is one of those actors who is so damned good that if he plays his cards right you hate him because you feel like you have to. His roles in the two parter of Doctor Who in series 3 as well as Viserys in Game of Thrones on HBO show off how well he can play a villain, or better yet how well he can play the morally ambiguous roles. Keep in mind that Lloyd is not yet 30 and a trained stage actor and you see he meets the small amount of prerequirements. Lloyd isn’t quite a household name but he has made more of a name for himself as the would be king on one of the biggest shows on television, so when he got his crown it is relatively safe to say that the door is open for him to take on another telly role.

Why Not: He was so disliked for his Game of Thrones role that some people might actually think he would bring that style of character to the Doctor. See when most people see an actor play a villain more often than not they don’t think they can be the hero. On top of that while he has already appeared in a Doctor Who serial I find it hard to see Lloyd coming back to the BBC even if it is for a role like this

Scale of Awesome: This could work?

10. Richard Madden
This is just too good to be true. See Madden is the boyfriend of current companion Jenna Louise-Coleman so this would be a good casting choice, but what if they break up!? Madden was also really good in the whopping 22 episodes of Game of Thrones as Robb Stark. The recently unemployed Madden hasn’t done too much work outside of Game of Thrones plus he is also a younger actor clocking in under 30 but over 25. Madden has shown he can show off more than just serious acting but also in action scenes. Madden would be a great choice on top of it also seeing as how on the plane ride home after the screening of well the Red Wedding he was all tears.

Why Not: Madden is currently dating Clara so if they have a falling out then this would be awful, just awful, they would have to recast someone cause relationships when they end are awful. Just plain awful. But I really don’t see why the Scot can’t get the role except maybe his lack of comedic timing (didn’t get to see too much of that in GOT) but I’m sure he can do it!

Scale of Awesome: Losing your head worthy!


Merlin-Colin-Morgan-merlin-the-young-warlock-24371201-500-2899. Colin Morgan
Morgan’s young and talented and his last main role recently ended within the last few years. Playing the role of Merlin we can see something similar to the role of the Doctor. Morgan has stage experience right now with a run in Shakespeare’s The Tempest so he has that going for him being the trained stage actor. He did appear in a Doctor Who serial alongside David Tennant in the episode entitled Midnight. I haven’t seen too much of Morgan outside of Merlin but his job in that role could easily translate into a well rounded Doctor in the Moffat-verse. Also he’s young, I should have mentioned that.

Why Not: Morgan has stated that he doesn’t want the role and he has taken himself out of the running a little while ago. So the likelihood of it happening has drastically dropped but then again it is possible that he is saying that just to not be in the role. And while the role of Merlin is very similar to what a Doctor would be like in the Moffat-verse it would seem that Morgan would not be willing or able to do it. But he would still be a good Doc me thinks!

Scale of Awesome: Magically Awesome

cutler-jail8. Andrew Gower
He’s young. He’s unknown. He’s fantastic. The very talented actor is only 23 years old so he’s got the young part down that the BBC seems to have fallen for with each subsequent Doctor. He is a trained theater actor judging by his filmography which features mostly theater work and radio plays which is another plus seeing as both Tennant and Smith were stage actors at first. Like I mentioned he is a relatively unknown unless you have watched BBC’s Being Human or ITV’s Monroe. In Being Human he plays Nick Cutler, a vampire who is very modern and tech savy. It seems like this role would be similar to what he would bring to the table as the Doctor. He’s cunning, clever and knows how to work around the techno mumbo jumbo. Even though Cutler was more of a villain, he ended up being the anti-hero which is sort of what the Doctor is. He’d skyrocket towards the top of the list but well this is my dream list anyways and it appears that Being Human will be mentioned quite frequently.

Why Not: Well this is more of a challenge to think of than I had thought. Gower is a perfect choice for the role with his youth and his relatively unknown status. He is in several telly programs which might be recurring or not. The fan base from Being Human that happens to be Doctor Who fans seem to think he would be a good fit but when I mentioned it to a friend he seemed unsure, so maybe I am just trying too hard to find someone who looks and seemingly acts like the part. This being a huge unknown actor might be the large hindrance to Gower but because I loved Cutler so much I bumped him up here.

Scale of Awesome: Pretty Freakin Sweet

7. Russell Tovey
Doctor Who Gala Screening - LondonWhy: 
Tovey has already appeared in a few episodes of Doctor Who in the reboot and when it hits you you’ll smack your head. Tovey also has been the lead in Being Human as George in the first three seasons and in Him and Her. What makes Tovey such a good actor is his ability to relate his otherwise not human characters (in the case of George) to humanity. Being Human has quickly become one of my favorite telly programs and Tovey has displayed vast acting chops from serious to witty to tear jerking. The only thing I would ask Tovey to not do is to scream. He does scream like a little girl, which I found irritating. Originally Tovey auditioned for the role of the 11th Doctor and was apparently on the verge of getting it but Matt Smith came along and it took it up. Tovey is another actor who has had roles in all the big forms of entertainment having done theater and radio as well as film and telly. What would be a huge publicity boon would be if Tovey were to get the role he would be the first openly gay actor to play the iconic role. So that would be a plus at least for those who say that the show is super conservative but then again we did get Captain Jack Harkness

Why Not: Tovey did admit that originally the idea of playing the role terrified him and that he was quite glad he didn’t get it seeing as he would feel he would mess up but maybe times have changed for the 31 year old actor now. He’s been doing mostly sitcoms since he left Being Human around 2011 or was it 2012 but Tovey has been a busy bee. With the sitcom Him and Her wrapping up with a fourth and final series this year Tovey has gotten himself into another sitcom that is currently waiting for renewal called the Job Lot. Doctor Who takes up a lot of time and he would be hard pressed to take on other work other than the Who so it seems like Tovey might be out of the running.

Scale of Awesome: Howling at the Moon Awesome

6. Ben Whishaw
Ben Whishaw as Q in Skyfall.Why:
For anyone who has seen the latest Bond film knows that Whishaw would make a perfect 12th Doctor. The role of Q in the latest Bond flick, Skyfall, goes to show off the nerdy sounding Whishaw to the masses. The one scene that grabbed my attention was the one in the museum when he is handing Bond his toys. Imagine if Whishaw was the Doctor sitting there with a companion or even an enemy explaining how he will defeat the enemy or how small the companion is compared to the universe, it sends chills down your spine. Whishaw is a tad bit older than some of the others on this list but he is still younger than Tennant was and he happens to have such a huge baby face that it doesn’t hurt him. Whishaw has stage credits to his name including appearing in the His Dark Materials stage version alongside Tovey and another name who just missed the cut, Dominic Cooper. On top of that Whishaw’s performance as Hamelt had been lauded back when it was being performed in 2004. Whishaw was the lead in the recently canned The Hour which aired for only 12 episodes on the BBC. His film roles are the longest on the list including such classics as Brideshead Revisited, Cloud Atlas as well as Layer Cake. Whishaw is very well rounded as you can see…

Why Not: Whishaw while seeming like a perfect choice most likely would not accept the role let alone audition for it. He is an up and coming actor in the film industry and it seems unlikely that after a semi-failed foray into the telly he would go back especially after landing one of the more iconic supporting roles in a film franchise as Q in the Bond series. Whishaw though also would most likely not be able to handle the work load that would come with the Doctor seeing as he looks rather thin but that is something that can be fixed and while the rest of him looks like the role the question would be not can he do it but would he do it. That is quite a different thought process, much like Matt Smith’s decision to quit was based on his want to get out into Hollywood I would doubt someone would leave Hollywood for thousands upon millions of adoring fans.

Scale of Awesome: Not half bad, too good to be true

5. Simon Pegg
Pegg is a notorious nerd. He not only is proud of it but advertises it and that is a-okay in my book. Pegg has appeared in one episode of the rebooted Who series back in the first series as the Editor and he also is Scotty in Star Trek so he does do the Sci-Fi and he does it well. Not only can he do sci-fi but he does comedy. Don’t just watch him in Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, check out the vastly underrated sitcom Spaced and you’ll see how talented of an actor Pegg is. Pegg has some sort of a charm about him and if the next Doctor is anything like Matt Smith then you may have a very qualified actor in Pegg.

Why Not: Pegg has already said he doesn’t want to do it. That is clearly enough to be a bummer. While Pegg is a super nerd you would think he would love to do the role but he is at an age where a role like this might be a little too much (he’s only 43 but still it’s a demanding role.) On top of that Pegg is most likely going to reprise as Scotty in the future for a third Star Trek film and he is a relatively large Hollywood actor so why return to the BBC? He also stated that he is a method actor (shocker!) and that he hasn’t watched Doctor Who since he appeared on it. What a buzz kill. But we can still dream, and Pegg’s Doctor might have turned out to be a bit more on the comedic side, possibly looking like the 6th Doctor with his technicolor dream coat, so maybe it would be a good thing he isn’t doing it

Scale of Awesome: Imagine smashing Cyberman heads while “Don’t Stop Me Now!” by Queen is playing…yeahhh

4. Aidan Turner
high res BEING HUMANWhy:
Turner is a fantastic actor who has showed off quite a bit of acting chops once more if you have seen Being Human. His role as the main vampire, John Mitchell, shows off the dark and brooding side of Turner while he can be witty at times his role of Mitchell showed him struggling to cope with his “affliction” and while this may be a slightly different terrirtory for Doctor Who just keep in mind he’s a 1000 year old Time Lord, the last of his kind, Turner could show that off effectively. On top of that he plays Kili in the Hobbit Trilogy and that shows off not just some action sequences but also his comedy chops. Turner also has the good looks that would attract even more fan girls so he has that going for him

Why Not: Turner is a fantastic choice but possibly not the best choice. He doesn’t look the part but he could act it. Now I am just being lookist, but seriously I am not quite sure if the Hobbit films are done being filmed but if not they take up a huge chunk of time which is why he left Being Human after the third series. On top of that he may be in another new series called the Mortal Instruments or something like that in which he plays…a werewolf (talk about irony!) But if availibitly is the only concern then let’s not sweat it.

Scale of Awesome: Screamin’ fan girls level of cool? I’m cool too you know

3. Damien Molony
tumblr_lz1g0tACV31qeodwqo1_500Why: Being Human is a great show. Watch it. All five series. Don’t quit after series three. Watch it all the way through. I finally started watching the show after eyeing it up for the longest time on Netflix and it was love after the first few episodes. Sure Molony doesn’t appear until the fourth series but he sticks around and his role of Hal, one of the Old Ones, shows off not only his stage acting chops but also his ability to show off from going from comedy to dark and brooding all in a matter of minutes. Molony is also relatively young for an actor who would be considered for the Doctor at 29 or maybe 30. Molony was recently quoted (in February) about the role: “The Doctor is one of the most iconic parts for an actor to play, up there with Sherlock Holmes [and] James Bond, it is such an epic series. Following in the footsteps of so many great actors, it would be an honor to play The Doctor…” So Mister Moffat what are you waiting for, cast him and we can call off the rest of this list!

Why Not: There really is no negatives to casting Molony as the Doctor other than the fact that he is in fact Irish and that might actually just ruffle some feathers but from watching Being Human I don’t really see anything but the Doctor in him, maybe Hal is too much like the Doctor and it’s just fans dreaming over the possibility of a fantastic replacement from a show that no one really watches on this side of the pond other than the mediocre American version?

Scale of Awesome: This is perfect, just freakin’ perfect

2. Benedict Cumberbatch
tumblr_m4lcd88d5M1qgqej2Why: Cumberbatch is a fantastic actor. He delivers his lines with such eloquence that is befitting of a character such as the Doctor. Not only that but he looks the part, the dark brooding hero who doesn’t want to be the hero. But at the same time he has the voice that commands respect. Cumberbatch has all the qualities of the Doctor wrapped up in that British package. Plus he’s good buddies with Sherlock/Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat that maybe the Moff can convince him to pick up the role. Cumberbatch has a huge following of fans, most of whom are drooling over the prospect of him stepping into the TARDIS. The big problem is I don’t see him being able to handle the humor of Who but he can easily do dark and brooding.

Why Not: Cumberbatch is a very busy man. Having just starred as Kirk’s arch nemesis in the sequel to Star Trek his name has been popping up left and right. He is also slated to play a role in the final two Hobbit films as well as playing Julian Assange in the upcoming biopic due out later this year. Not only to mention that his name has popped up for a role in the Fifty Shades film adaptation, Cumberbatch is in high demand. Let’s also not forget to mention that series three of Sherlock is being filmed and I believe he has signed on for up to series five but I am not sure. Maybe spending too much time around Moffat would be bad for Cumberbatch and maybe he’s getting too big for the telly, plus his version of Sherlock Holmes is pretty much the Doctor stuck in a modern version of England who happens to be quite bitter.

Scale of Awesome: Freakin’

1. David Tennant
david tennant doctor who 1440x900 wallpaper_www.wallpaperno.com_44
Tennant already has stepped into the TARDIS and fought the likes of the Daleks and Cybermen but at the same time he was pretty damn good at it. Tennant’s version of the Doctor was arguably the best since Tom Baker played the role way way back almost six regenerations ago. Tennant hasn’t been particularly busy since he stepped aside doing small movie roles and small television serials but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t free up his schedule to jump back in. Several months ago or was it years ago he was asked about leaving and he had mentioned that if he could he would never have left the role.

Why Not: 
The obvious reason is that he already played the role, and what else can you do? Sure Tennant could play a totally different Doctor but this one would not be as well received as his 10th incarnation. And what if they bring him back and his new Doctor doesn’t quite fit in or do they bring back the legit 10th Doctor and that ruins the continuity. While Tennant has gone on to have a mass following thanks to Whovians a permanent return might do more than anger the fan base seeing as the show is all about moving on, but after hearing that Moffat had a fifth series planned if Tennant had stayed, so it could work.

Scale of Awesome: Un=fuckin’-believeable 

Upon the completion of this list this seems to be more of a list of wishful thinking which was the purpose but at the same time to help weed out the actual possibilities. While Tennant coming back seems like a good idea it most likely won’t happen and is more of a fantasy than anything else. Cumberbatch is a rather busy man so  he will most unlikely make it, but maybe he could be the Master. Both Tovey and Morgan would not seem likely as well. Out of the list it seems like Molony and Gower would stand to gain the most out of the role, and Molony wants it, so if you do read this Steven Moffat, pop yourself some pop corn and watch the final two seasons of Being Human and you will see what I am talking about.

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