Dear Internet, We Can’t Be Friends (Doctor Who Edition)

I get home from work and then I go onto my handy dandy almost trusty internets to find that they have filled up the world with either fake Doctor Who news or just lies flat out lies. The word on the street is that the season finale leaked since the BBC messed up and sent out the Blu Rays to America for the second part of the season. This has yet to be proven false but you know how the internet is, if it did leak then it would be plastered all over the torrent web sites. A quick search has turned up nothing so this could be just a giant publicity stunt to essentially draw up a bigger audience.

Another piece of Who news is this. Matt Smith is leaving. He wants to focus on a Hollywood career. The 50th anniversary special just finished filming and they are wrapping it up and editing it now as we speak but the word is that Smith will be leaving after the Christmas special. This makes very little sense to me since they just put Clara in the show and there seems to be a connection between the two. The word though also includes the fact that Smith is campaigning to be the next Bond villain. But the word is that Smith loves the role and doesn’t want to leave. Conflicting news? I mean it did come from the Huffington Post. He’ll probably stay on, he doesn’t have a Hollywood face.


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