Community is Coming Back

For those of you who know me, I love the NBC sitcom Community. I have been watching the show since it’s debut four seasons ago, and while I lack cable at my current residence I will somehow find a way to watch the fourth season which has just ended. What I always have loved about this show is it’s humor and the characters. While most people think its juvenile or too based in pop culture I say you couldn’t be any more wrong. It’s genius and each episode is in some way a parody of some form of modern culture. The show is ripe with satire.

And while it pained me to suffer through the third season in which the show was inexplicably removed from the NBC lineup to only be restored months later and then be placed in renewal limbo for a fourth season it still put forth some classic episodes in that third season. The problem has always been the lack of the viewership. Television execs base all their big time decisions on how many people are watching. Damn you Neilsen ratings! So while a show may have a cult following, people who download it, or DVR it or even Hulu it aren’t helping.

On top of that we had the Dan Harmon (show creator) and Chevy Chase (he’s Pierce) drama that went on and on and started to drag the show in the mud. Harmon left and then Chase left after this season. So the question was is Community coming back? It’s first season without Harmon was questionable apparently, but the fans still were there but the ratings weren’t. NBC just announced they renewed it for 13 episodes but it won’t be in their fall lineup. Meaning that if and when it comes back for season 5 it will be a midseason replacement for a show that has tanked.

While the word is that it will be back for at least 13 more episodes (they say this will be the final season), Deadline reports that Harmon may be back on the show now that Chase is gone.

One can only hope.


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