Top Ten Names I’d Like To See Attached to Episode VII

A few weeks ago the Disney company bought the rights to Lucasfilm for over four billion dollars. I didn’t write anything or my own opinion about it due to several reasons. One of which being time and the fact that my computer was on the fritz again, I might invest in a nice laptop to use for work and what not and also because I wasn’t sure how to think about it.

I grew up watching the original trilogy. For my tenth birthday my parents got me the 20th anniversary edition on VHS. This was way before DVDs existed. At least once a week I would watch all three films and that is how I destroyed my copies of the films. I loved the films. I remember my dad taking me to see The Phantom Menace when I was 13. Yeah it was cool then but now it’s kinda lame, doesn’t hold up like A New Hope. I remember having to see Attack of the Clones all on my own cause my friends all saw it within the first week of it coming out. I remember taking in Revenge of the Sith with friends because I had been just dumped an it kind of felt right instead.

But now Disney has bought the rights to the greatest franchise and they plan on a new trilogy. I had hoped they would do what they did with Marvel where they bought the company for the profits. They saw that the company would make a killing in the box office and in toy marketing and boom they went for it. Nothing has changed in the Marvel Universe to my knowledge yet that would effect it in any way. But this was different. This is Star Wars. This is a large portion of people’s childhoods. Yes it brings the franchise to a new generation of fans but is that worth seeing the older fans suffer further. But this is out of Lucas’ hands, he’s only a consultant. So maybe this means things will be right. Anyway since they already have Michael Ardnt doing the script I figured I’d compile a list of directors and actors I would love to see. In case you are wondering Ardnt wrote the scripts for Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3. He’s also working on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as well.

10. Quentin Tarantino
I love Tarantino’s films. He uses strong violence to help convey the emotions the characters feel. There is tense moments where we just get the shots of faces without dialogue. Tarantino would be great for a mature Star Wars. But I can only dream here. Tarantino will only do films he writes and he wants, while this may be a dream job the thought of seeing Jedi slicing through Sith and remaining Storm Troopers with oodles of blood dripping from the cortorized wounds is enough to make me salivate. Plus having Tarantino on board would give the film an A-list cast of strong talent and help make the series move into a darker light, but it’s a pipe dream thanks to his rules on film and the family friendly confines of Disney.

09. Michael Fassbender
Fassbender would make a great villain. He has the jaw line, the accent and just about everything to make a great villain. Fassbender was eerie in his role as David in Prometheus and cunning and clever as Hicox in Inglorious Basterds. But it was as the anti-hero Magneto in X-Men First Class that he shined. Fassbender has the ability to portray more than just emotions but also he just looks like an intelligent villain. He could play the good guy but it would have to be a Han Solo type actor. I don’t see him getting the gig due to his role in X-Men and the Prometheus sequel. He’s also slated to play Altair in the Assassin’s Creed movie.

08. Leonardo DiCaprio
Leo is a sex icon from the ’90′s whether or not he likes it. From films like Catch Me If You Can to Shutter Island to Inception DiCaprio has shown he can act. He’s portrayed a wide variety of characters and will soon add southern gentleman to his list in Django Unchained this Christmas. DiCaprio can play the villain or even the hero or anti-hero. He has the depth and would not only sell tickets to the female gender but once more make the film more of a serious film with good acting. With a solid reputable scriptwriter Leo could turn himself into a bonafide A-List super star, not that he isn’t. Disney here is Luke Skywalker’s son, just look!

07. Christian Bale
Bale is a great actor. He puts on crazy weight or drops it for his roles. He gets into the parts as a method actor. He was Batman but no more now is the time for him to take on another huge franchise. Already a household name and a great role model (minus the Terminator incident) Bale would be a huge boon to Disney in this film. Cast him as the lovable rogue or even the main hero and you got yourself a great performance from a man who made Bruce Wayne much more interesting than he was already, by which I mean he made the character a lot deeper. Bale has played the hero in Terminator as well, living up to the role of John Connor, but he’s also played multiple other roles showing the versatility, plus he shares the screen well with other stars.

06. Edgar Wright
Wright is a fantastic director. His three feature films have all been great and solid but not huge successes. He is a nerd and he would do justice to the galaxy. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz combined the comedy and action to make genre defining films. And who could forget the flop of the box office yet hugely well done film that was Scott Pilgrim. In Pilgrim Wright made a film that not only was about video games but was a rom-com at the same time. It was artsy and witty and full of special effects, pretty much everything Star Wars has. So why not let Wright sign up and he can bring along Simon Pegg and Nick Frost too!

05. Guillermo del Toro
del Torro is an artistic master. Pan’s Labyrinth was both stunning in visual as well as in scripting. His way with the special effects and creature design would make him a huge benefit to have on this film. He has done huge blockbusters before with the Hellboy movies but as of late his fascination with the horror genre could be a bit of a cripple to his running. I would love to see the new alien designs he comes up with and just the quality of the product he would put out is just a sight to behold. He would need a bit more creative control than Disney would allow but just think about it!

04. Darren Aronofsky
Aronofsky has an interesting film style to say the least. Would it fit in the Star Wars universe? Who knows but I would pay to watch it. Drawing from his sci-fi film The Fountain as well as other films like Requiem for a Dream, Pi, and Black Swan we could see a very dark and twisted Star Wars that might star good buddy Hugh Jackman. But would that be bad? Aronofsky most likely won’t even be considered but it might be something fans would love to see. It would make the film way more sci-fi and alienate a large chunk of people (yeah the Fountain did that!) but I’d still see it.

03. Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher
This is most likely going to happen. Ardnt’s script calls for the older versions of the main characters and that is totally neat. I’m interested to see how that goes seeing as all three are almost ancient now. Ford looks like shit, Fisher was a coke head for a bit or so I’m told, and Hamil had that accident after Empire. But the fact is they are the original faces and they need to be in this one even if it is a small capacity role. Bring back Billie Dee too while you are at it.

02. Christopher Nolan
Nolan is one of the greatest directors out there and the fact that Disney doesn’t have him as a top candidate really says something. He turned Batman from box office flop to world wide super hit. His original films offer intrigue and suspense (Inception, the Prestige). He coaxes some of the best performances out of his cast and he has a positive reputation as a filmmaker. I know it sounds like I have a woody for this guy but think about it, would you not give him the most important franchise ever to make his own baby? Let him help pen the script with Ardnt to ensure super success. Just think, if the Warner’s wanted to give him the creative director on all DC films why is Disney not doing the same.

01. Joss Whedon
Wouldn’t this make the nerds all over the world jizz their pants? I know I would. Think about it. The man has had four television shows get taken off the air on Fox (Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly) and has made one of the largest grossing films of all time (The Avengers) as well as helped in the scripting of one of the most important animated films of all time (Toy Story). Joss is the choice. Look at what he did for Disney with the Avengers. Over one billion dollars worth of Disney bucks he made them. Plus he made a solid film that rivals anything Christopher Nolan has turned out with the Caped Crusader. Whedon won’t happen because of the sequel to the Avengers coming out that same year but we can dream can’t we?


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