Skyfall Review

James Bond is back and is better than ever. Skyfall is the twenty third film in the series and the third to feature Daniel Craig as the super sexy killer. Throughout the years and the range of actors from Sean Connery to Pierce Bronson we have come to see Bond as a man who can not only kill with his pistols but his hands as well. Not only is he well versed in hand to hand combat but he’s also a very loose man. But we never got to delve too deep into what makes Bond a man, who he really is. All we know is he has a license to kill and woo loose women. So we go to 2006 and Craig’s debut in Casino Royale and we see Bond as more than just the killing machine, he’s a human. Young, cocky, and arrogant.

Bond grew as the first film went by, falling in love with Vesper Lynd, his love for her helped him grow and when she died at the end of the film we saw him go from cocky and arrogant to a vengeful and hateful man, and this is what we saw in the more violent aggressive Quantum of Solace. Where we see the secret organization known as Quantum, which we don’t find out til the end. Of course we find that out later and the film praddled on slightly. And now we see Bond in the latest Skyfall. He’s now more mature, battle worn and well still Bond.

So now to review the film without giving away too much of the actual story or anything like that. To be honest the plot doesn’t really have much to give away. As for the second time in recent films the villain is a former MI6 operative and we see Bond as having died and coming back. The story is well paced and intriguing enough that you are on the edge of your seat for a majority of it and it’s not a dumbed down cheesey plot like in the old days.

So if we can just skip writing about the plot without giving away too much let’s just go straight into the rest of the film. The writing was fantastic. Ignoring the story we are going to talk scripting here. The dialogue between Bond as well as the rest of the characters is fantastic. The villain, played by Javier Bardem is well scripted. The relationships between Bond and M as well as the villain are the centerpieces of the film. We see as the film moves on forward how the relationship grows into more of a portion of the story into the main segment.

Acting from Craig is well done as usual. Craig has turned Bond into more of just a character and into his character. He has become more than just what the old scripts have called for him to be. Craig has given depth to the character. Portraying more emotions than Bronson had displayed or even others.

Dame Judi Dench finishes her career as M and she displays her chops even further. The leader of MI6 has a bigger role in the final film of her career as M. Dench ditches the matriarchy role and becomes a center figure. Her connection to Bond has become bigger and more central as well as with the other field agents.

Ralph Fiennes plays a new role and stands out as well, I really can’t go too into depth without giving out too much about what he becomes. Naomie Harris plays Miss Moneypenny who just happens to be the field agent at the beginning who is constantly throughout the film. She shows toughness in the field as well as cunning intelligence to rival that of Bonds. Ben Whishaw plays Q who makes his first appearance since John Clease left the series. Whishaw is rather talented at the role and looks the part while he supplies the humor that the film needs and to say that he needed better screen time is to say something else.

But its Bardem who steals the show. The wisealecky remarks from his villain is refreshing on top of entertaining. Bardem has the mannerisms and strange tics of more than just a gay villain but one who has suffered deeply. Words cannot explain how entertaining he was. The one thing that these films have missed has been a classic villain. Greene in the last film was so-so, it was more about Bond and his vengeance, Casino was more about the beginning of Bond, with Le Chief being entertaining but once he was taken out…not so much great as Bardem’s new style of Bond enemy.

To say anything short of fantastic would be selling Skyfall short. A majority of the camera angles and the action sequences were phenomenal. The locations and the settings were incredible and breathtaking, to say that it wasn’t a nice looking action film is definitely selling the film short.

It’s tough to review a film that you saw almost a week ago, so keep that in mind honestly, but Skyfall is one of the year’s best even in recent time. Skyfall features almost everything you would want from not just an action film but a Bond film. The direction and action scenes were well done but sadly too dark to see but the acting and the writing were enough to let me hand the film a nice 9.3 out of 10

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