Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron Review

A few years ago the same group of programmers unleashed what many had hoped would be the first decent Transformers game essentially ever. War for Cybertron played well. It actually was a quality game. The story flowed nicely and the thing that made it really nice was each chapter you were given 3 Transformers to play as that you can choose. Add in the co-op campaign, sadly online only and you had a solid game. Now it’s 2012 and the follow up The Fall of Cybertron is now in stores. The game is a direct follow up to the previous game which means big things are in store for the Transformers. So how does the game stack up in comparison to the previous entry? There’s only one way to find out.

The game picks up essentially right where the last one left off. So you need to play the first one in order to get this one fully. Now it’s not really that big of a deal if you don’t feel like playing but even still. The Autobots are trying to flee Cybertron and Megatron and co. won’t let them as they board the Ark. This is where you take control of Bumblebee and essentially get acclimated to the controls, the chapter ends with Megatron and Optimus fighting and it cuts forward or backward to you controlling an Autobot as you move forward through the civil war. The game features Megatron’s death, Starscream taking control and thus betraying the ‘cons, Insecticons and Dinobots and it tells a much darker tale as you watch the bots move into the Milky Way. Needless to say it’s a great Transformers story that you play from start to finish.

Not much has changed in terms of the actual gameplay. You can still switch from robot to vehicle mode in the middle of combat, although there are some places where you can’t do that but it makes sense. This time around you can upgrade your weapons using energon from your fallen enemies or boxes. Not only can you upgrade the weapons but you can swap them at the in game store. What is tough is how difficult some areas can be, swarms of enemies come up at you out of nowhere and you keep dying. But all in all the smoothness of the gameplay is nice. Switching from one mode to another is seamless and changing your gun hand to give you a nice advantage in cover is great too. The addition of multiplayer is something that I am not a huge fan of but you can design your own robot which is nice but no co-op ruins it. The big thing in this game is the end of chapter 11 and all of chapter 12. The dinobots make their appearance and you control Grimlock for a nice chunk of time. The controls change since Grimlock doesn’t use guns so the sword becomes the main weapon with a shield and a rage meter so he can turn into the T-rex. The addition of Grimlock and the chance to play as the Combaticons Bruticus for a period makes it a fun romp around Cybertron

The game doesn’t look much nicer than the last one. As the gritty environments come back in the war torn planet. You fly as Starscream through a sprawling metropolis to the acidic underground as Grimlock into an abandoned temple which has aged as both Jazz and Cliffjumper. The robots look great and you really wonder about the scale of the entire world since we see the ‘bots as human sized, so maybe if you multiply the size of everything and you get how big this world really is. The smoothness on the entire world also shows off the metallic glossiness that the programmers incorporated into this game.

There really isn’t much negative to say about the game other than the lack of co-op, especially offline, and the fact that you don’t control or choose to control up to 3 robots at one time. It’s no longer a small squad working together but individual ‘bots working with groups. I don’t get to play as Soundwave long enough. Where is a Shockwave level? Why so little Grimlock time? I found myself easily getting wrapped into the game for multiple hours at a time and that’s a positive so I feel that Cybertron might be in the running for late of the year game of the year titles with Mass Effect as I hand it a nice 8.75


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