Avengers Review

For years Marvel has been building up to this very moment. When Iron Man dropped in 2008 there wasn’t much of a guarantee that the film would take off. But it did. Iron Man 2 was announced and then Hulk came out. Captain America was in limbo as was Thor yet here we are in 2012, all of these heroes had a film that lead up to this moment. A lot of people were skeptical how a crew of big name celebrities and individual super heroes could share the screen. It’s one thing to make video games of the Avengers and have it be successful and comics because it is a larger media, comic arcs can drag on for years and a video game, players invest at the least 15 hours in a game like the Avengers would provide.

When the announcement of Joss Whedon being the director it became clear that Disney and Marvel means business. With two solid Iron Man films down and one decent Hulk film out of two and a solid film featuring Thor, one in which we thought would be an awful flop and then a tremendous Captain America film to say the least. Marvel had assembled its elite team and that is how we begin the review for the first summer blockbuster of 2012.


The film which was co-penned by Joss Whedon features a simple plot in which Loki, the brother of Thor wants to use the Tesseract (Cosmic Cube) to rule the humans, some sort of petty revenge on his brother and well his step father (cuz Loki was adopted if you saw Thor). Nick Fury wants to assemble earth’s finest, you know the Avengers. So the story takes a back seat to the character development. The bitter feud between Tony Stark and essentially everyone is so well written that it’s not even funny. Stark doesn’t get along with Cap’s old school way of doing things, and his one liners are so well written that even Robert Downey Jr’s delivery could have been off. Lines like ” Shakespeare in the park. Does your mother know you took her drapes?” (delivered when Stark meets Thor for the first time).  It’s not just Stark that is well written but the entire cast. Well at least the main characters. Whedon sticks with what the characters are like in the comics. Cap is by the books, he doesn’t want the conflict to continue between the group, see the Thor introduction. Thor has evolved as a character and so has Hulk (even though this is the third actor in the past ten years…).

Whedon’s script balances the humor of your typical super hero film with a sense of seriousness that we see in most. The jokes aren’t like a comedy where its forced at you constantly but mainly through witty dialogue delivered by teh characters, it’s as if you are reading a comic book and these characters are marveling at the situation they are in. Keep in mind Whedon has done comic book writing before for Marvel. The Astonishing X-Men series was at one point the best X-Men series until he left it after 20+ issues of phenomenal writing. Whedon’s script here shows he knows what he is doing and like most internet bloggers it seems like I am currently sucking on his massive cock, which I am not.


While Thor was a solid film last year this film gives both Chris Hemsworth (Thor)  and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) get to show off their chops. Dialogue for both Thor and Loki as well as a better written script allow us to see the depths of the characters. Downey delivers phenomenal one liners just like normal. And the speed of which he does it, well it’s impressive. Evans’ playing the role of the displaced super soldier is a new environment. But he is also showing how the Cap would really be in this situation, the glue that tries to get everyone all together.

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye was a slight less interesting character but that isn’t Renner’s fault but they didn’t develop but hey not his fault. One performance that really stood out was Mark Ruffalo’s as Bruce Banner, the wavering reluctancy in delivering his lines and the constant fear of becoming the beast within. Johansson’s Black Widow was one of the more dominant characters in the film but I’m not shocked and yes she looked good in that jumpsuit. The rest of the cast, Clark Gregg, Samuel L. Jackson, shine strong as well.


Whedon does a great job with the large blockbuster cast, and the high budget that he has. The long one shot action scene was beautiful. There was no cuts when they were destroying Manhattan. Whedon does a great job getting good performances from his cast and each shot being well executed. At times it felt like there wasn’t a single shot that was wasted. But then again I was in awe throughout a majority of the film.


Marvel’s The Avengers is a romp of a ride. From start to finish its a roller coaster thrill ride. While it features all the typical things that most summer blockbusters have this one adds a simple story with the depth of characters that one would come to expect from a super hero film. If you don’t see this years first true summer blockbuster and definitely worth seeing as I hand it a beautiful 9.5


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One response to “Avengers Review

  • sixpuns

    Excellent review. You were on point with the Hulk, even though it wasn’t Ed Norton, Mark Ruffalo got it right, his characterization was easy to adjust to. This movie redeemed Captain America for me, that and his origin story..and fights like the Iron Man vs. Thor fight are what’s missing in the Marvel movies, the only place we can actually see a legitimate “what if?” scenario outside a comic book.

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