Hunger Games Review

So I’m a little late. A month late. I saw the movie, I really did, like a few weeks ago. I’m not lying and am sitting here writing a hate article on some pop culture phenomenon that will probably usurp Harry Potter and might give Edward Cullen a run for his money. But here I am. I can say as a 25 year old male with no interest in reading the books that I saw the Hunger Games movie. And I can safely say I enjoyed it. Well as much as I could. The film does a decent job of introducing us to a story of characters and a world strife with angst, but what it doesn’t do is give the viewers a proper introduction to the world, unless you read the book then you know exactly what to expect and it’s almost a flawless film.

The film follows Katniss Everdeen, a young woman in District 12 who is entered in the annual Hunger Games competition. Now, they don’t do a phenomenal job of setting this all up other than at the beginning of the film with some text mentioning how all the districts rebelled against the government and the government won so now every year they take a boy and a girl from each district as a tribute and put them in this game in which they all must kill each other. Of course each district does something that helps the capital, Katniss’ people are coal miners. She has daddy issues cuz daddy is dead and what not. She also seemingly has a crush on a boy named Gale. This is mainly what I pick up and not what I am told.

So it comes time for the capitol to pick out who they want via a hat essentially. Katniss’ sister gets picked and she volunteers to take her place while the baker’s son Peeta is chosen. Where they come up with these names is beyond me but anyways, it’s off to the capitol for them where they get trained in the art of fighting and what not and they enter the competition. Of course Katniss and Peeta become instant favorites because Peeta reveals he has a crush on Katniss and well we all know where this goes, it’s for teens and what not.

What left me confused was how it ended, it’s a trilogy but the games end in the first one. I kept sitting there asking when is it going to end, because how do they stretch out 24 kids killing each other into 3 movies but I stand corrected on that. Some of the flaws in the narrative, at least in terms of film would be establishing some of the anti Capitol sentiment a bit more, the scene where the little African girl got killed that resulted in a town of steel workers revolting was powerful and emotional but they could have done more with that. That was the only scene in which they showed anyone hating on the government, they just accept the situation. They don’t elaborate on everything other than a few things.

The camera shots were well until they put the shaky cam in on the documentary style shooting. Look, shaky cam is great if you want the audience to throw up. I know you want to make it seem like the viewers are there, watching the movie as if they were there but seriously, this is bullshit. I had to close my eyes multiple times due to the shaky cam since I have motion sickness. Other than that obvious compliant the rest of the directing was well done. Ross does a great job in getting phenomenal shots from very similar looking locales and what little effects looked pretty good.

The action though, like in most modern films, has been a bit spotty. It is tough to tell what is going on in some shots but in others it’s not. The part where the not really real but they are real dogs come out of the ground and chase Peeta and Katniss at the end, well that was one of the worst scenes in the film. The dogs were too dark and so were the characters outfits, so the entire scene looked like a giant black mess.

The best part of the film was the acting. Jennifer Lawrence is my newest celebrity crush (well since X-Men First Class lol) and she played Katniss with such tenacity that one would expect a character like her to have. She also looked pretty smoking but that might get me in trouble. Josh Hutcherson as Peeta was a nice choice as well. He was cool and confident and conveyed the character well for what little I knew. The real show stealers were the supporters. Stanley Tucci as the show host was well…fabulous. He plays a gay guy very well. Elizabeth Banks’ Effie looked like something out of a Tim Burton film and you know what she conveyed what they wanted the capitol to be like very well. Musician Lenny Kravitz played the gay costume designer and displayed moments where he seemingly broke character but it didn’t matter, he was a small role. The best was Woody Harrelson as Haymitch. Constantly drunk but smart enough to know what was going on, I believed he was drunk the whole time.

In short the Hunger Games is a film you should have seen in cinemas, seeing as it is now May and it’s probably going to be on BluRay and DVD soon so if you missed it, get it there. I give it a solid 8.5

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